Being Greenhouse

Society for St Paul the Evangelist

Members, Partners, and the Rule of Life

Greenhouse is a mission society

In the tradition of the mission societies of 19th century, and missional orders through the history of the church, the Greenhouse Movement (also known as the Society for St Paul the Evangelist) is a new missional movement for the global Anglican Church. All who want to commit to live for the sake of mission are invited to join us as we follow the Holy Spirit for the spontaneous expansion of the church.

William Beasley | Missioner General

It is the first duty of the Missioner General to ensure that the SSPE remains faithful to its call and mission as set forth in this Mission Covenant and to encourage and equip members for mission.

- Mission Covenant

Our Core Commitments

Mission Covenant SSPE final formatted—March 9, 2019.pdf

Mission Covenant

Our Charter

Rule of Life SSPE final formatted—March 9, 2019.pdf

Rule of Life

A Way of Life

15 principled commitments in Personal Walk, Life Together, and Mission.

Committed Annually

Prayerfully submitted each year to a local spiritual authority and blessed by the Missioner General each May.

Applied Culturally

Expressed in the Anglican tradition, but personally translated to life and culture in the streets of Chicago, the campuses of Southern California, or the beaches of Brazil.

Witnessed Communally

Lived not in isolation but together with others and the family of Greenhouse members and partners.

For the Sake of the World

To bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.

How to Begin: Discerning Membership or Partnership

Greenhouse is growing family committed to living on mission together.

New to Greenhouse? Step one is to talk to a current Greenhouse leader. We don't begin with forms. We begin with relationships.

Members must be under a spiritual authority like a pastor, rector, or movement leader.

Partners meet us relationally through a leader or church in their region.

A Greenhouse leader can answer questions and help discern right commitment and next steps for you.

Mission Partners

  • Believes he or she has received a call from God to partner with the SSPE for the sake of mission in a city, region, and the Kingdom of God
  • Affirms the SSPE Mission Covenant
  • No requirement to be Anglican—just a like-minded Christian!
  • Voluntarily joins opportunities for
    • Leadership development
    • Rule of life values
    • Prayer
    • Community.


  • Believes he or she has received a call from God to be a member of the SSPE
  • Affirms the SSPE Mission Covenant
  • Submits to the authority of the church through the local Bishop in Anglican family in partnership with the Missioner General
  • Annually submits a “personal rule of life” that applies the 15 Commitments in Personal Walk, Life Together, and Mission.
  • Commits to Greenhouse leadership development plan in doctrine, skill, and character including participation in St Paul’s House of Formation
  • Commits to attend the Greenhouse Annual Gathering/Retreat and regional prayer

Members & Partners

Received At

Greenhouse Annual Retreat

Saturday May 25, 2019

How to Annually Prepare Your Rule of Life

Every member of the Society of Saint Paul the Evangelist (SSPE) shall embrace without reservation its MISSION COVENANT. In addition, every member of the SSPE shall annually prepare a PERSONAL RULE OF LIFE that incorporates in a manner appropriate to that member’s circumstances each of the following commitments inherent in the Pauline approach to mission:

2019 Rule of Life Instructions

Print version of these instructions

Rule of Life preparation is the next step for leaders already tied to Greenhouse in roles such as mission staff, catechist, movement leadership, etc. New to Greenhouse? Discern with your local leader if membership is the right commitment for you.

  1. Read each commitment.
    • Preparation period begins this year on March 9, 2019.
    • Typically will begin in March-April of each year (perhaps Lenten season).
    • We expect to build additional sermon and training resources around each commitment over time.
  2. Pray and Discern.
    • Ask the Holy Spirit how to apply each commitment to your life and ministry.
    • Review your last year’s commitment. What worked and what didn’t?
    • You might do this individually during an annual personal prayer retreat and/or communally with your local ministry team.
  3. Write personalized goals, commitments, or personal application.
    • If you like, use the provided templates with space to type or write. (Template to print; Form to complete online)
    • Be practical with simple, attainable and measurable goals where they make sense (“I will pray on Tuesdays with Jason at Starbucks”).
    • Consider your culture and context.
  4. Submit your completed “personal rule of life.”

Submit your name each year to the Missioner General as ready to declare. The Missioner General will approve, receive, and bless each year those who are covenant members.

What is the Mission Covenant & Rule of Life?

Resources to Learn More

Fr Stephen Gauthier & Chris Ridgeway teach on the new role of a Mission Covenant and Rule of Life in Greenhouse Movement (March 9, 2019)

v2 Greenhouse Members, Partners, Rule of Life - Ridgeway

Questions & Answers

I'm a member of a Greenhouse-related church congregation—do I need to be a Greenhouse member as well?

No. Local congregation/parish membership is different. Mission society membership is for those that feel a special call to be part of the Greenhouse Movement. However certain key leaders in Greenhouse churches may be required to be members (such as catechists), and others may choose to be.

Are Greenhouse mission staff/missioners also members of Greenhouse mission society?

Yes, Mission staff, who are employed by Greenhouse for ministry, are required to be members of Greenhouse (in some cases they may be Partners).

Are congregations/parishes also members or partners?

Membership in the mission society is for individuals. Churches belong through a diocese and/or through the regional council for mission established by the Missioner General.

What is the difference between SSPE (Society for St. Paul) and Greenhouse?

They are the same! Commonly known as Greenhouse Movement, the Society for St Paul names our identity and charism as a mission society and we will use it interchangeably.