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COVID-19 IEC Materials

We have developed Kenya contextual COVID-19 IEC materials with a Kenyan illustrator. The illustrations show what it means to live safely in our communities as we adapt to living with the coronavirus.

We are working in partnership with the Ministry of Health, County Administrators like the Chiefs, National Police Service, private sector and community groups to develop content that resonates with communities.

Please download and print the posters for community sensitisation.

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You can select the poster size you wish (A1, A2,A3, A4), download and print it.

If you would like to also help with language translation to other vernacular languages please get in touch.

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About the Artists

David Radoli

David Radoli grew up in Mombasa but went to school in Nairobi. He is a graduate of the Technical University of Kenya (formerly Kenya Polytechnic). Radoli, as he prefers to be called, has been in media/art industry for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in publishing, advertising, story boarding and copyrighting. He enjoys music and has tried his hand at music production, as well as drawing. Due to his versatility in arts, he has worked for McCann Erickson, a leading advertising agency. Radoli is a traditional illustrator. Even in the digital age, he has a strong preference for working with ink, pen and water colours. He has a passion for painting human figures and is an excellent caricaturist.

Kevin Ndege

Kevin was born in Homa Bay in 1983. He holds a BSc Hons from Egerton University. His work experience is in publishing within East and South Africa. He is currently based at Kuona Trust in Nairobi. He started practicing art in primary school and has pursued it professionally since 2009. He says his art is a response to the modern stimuli of our time in Africa and beyond. “Through these latest special police work with GSN, I have been made aware of psychological effects imprinted on police officers’ minds in their course of duty. I have also been familiarized with the daily unheard stories of police officers suffering in secret. I have also got to learn about post-traumatic stress disorder. Finally, I learnt that finding someone to talk to in life is important also for police officers”.

Ronny Nanjero Elkana

Ronny was born in 1983 in Nairobi. He went to school in Vihiga County and pursued his Diploma in Graphic Design and Communication Studies at the Kenya Polytechnic University from 2002 to 2004. He worked for Evento Africa as a graphic designer in 2007 and, from 2009 to 2012, as an assistant puppet maker and workshop manager for XYZ, a Kenyan political satire show. He now majors as an illustrator and is a freelance graphic designer. Nanjero believes that art is the most effective tool of communication because it crosses all boundaries regardless of culture, religion, education or other factors. “Working on trauma related stories with Green String Network has created awareness of how trauma affects an individual and members of the society in general. People can reflect on the consequences of their actions in different situations and consider their effects in future. The recovery from trauma of individuals affected is a collective responsibility as they will need wider support.”

Sylvia Kavere Amuguni

Sylvia is a portrait artist who has been drawing since childhood. She is a police officer and a fitness instructor in the National Police Service (NPS). At the same time, she is also pursuing her artwork. She graduated in Interior Design from the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts (BIFA). She is currently undertaking a Graphics Diploma at Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI), where she has mastered the art of pencil and paintbrush. Her specialty is in the use of acrylics and oil paints.

Isaac Mulei

Isaac is an artist based in Sultan Hamud in Makueni County. His art journey started in his younger years when he learned art and design at his primary and secondary schools. In 2007 he joined the Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts (BIFA) and pursued a diploma in sculpture. After graduation, he was contracted by the National Museum of Kenya to do a sculpture of Mount Kenya for the museum that was successfully completed and installed as a permanent exhibition. Since 2016, he has been making puppets for the XYZ Show. During his free time, he practices both traditional paintings and digital art. He is very passionate about the Arts.

Photography and Community Support

Creative Photographer


Denis Mukundi aka (Tintseh ) is a Nairobi based Photograher and creative director, shooting portraits, lifestyle events and travel . Aiming at telling the African story through the lens as well as capturing every day life through photography,the world need to see the beauty that Africa has to offer and that’s what I aim to show in all. Using the daily story to make a memorable narrative Over the years He has worked with renown world brands and personalities such a World bank, GIZ, Vodafone, Canon , Sauti Sol, Julie Gichuru, Sean Ganier , RedBull, Martell among others. “The chance is always at your fingertips”

Community Mobilizer

Ramadhan Omar

Ramadhan Omar was born and raised in Majengo slums, Nairobi. Because of the death of his father while he was very young, he suffered a lot. He was left to fend for his mum and siblings leaving him with no choice but join the life of crime. While in crime he ended up in prison. He left prison courtesy of presidential amnesty and soon got involved in the Kumekucha trauma-healing program in Majengo run by GSN. Here he got a turning point in his life and began his community healing work. He is currently working on the response to COVID-19 campaign, through the digital storytelling with GSN.