Fee structure

For the school year 2020-2021, fees are as follows:

  • Families with one child: 115 Pounds per term or 345 Pounds per year.

  • Families with two children: 185 Pounds per term or 555 Pounds per year.

  • Families with three children: 200 Pounds per term or 600 Pounds per year.

These fees represent 2-hour classes per week. In case additional hours per week are arranged per class, additional fees may be charged on a pro-rata basis.

How to pay the fees

  • All fees will be paid electronically to the Greek School Bank Account by either three standing orders (one for each term) or one full year payment via bank transfer.

  • Cheques are no longer acceptable.

  • The details of the school bank account are:

Bank: NatWest Name of the account: Greek School of Holy Trinity Account number: 10689095 Sort code: 60 10 28

Payment policies

  • All payments for every term should be completed before the start of each term. Delayed payment will be charged with extra 10% penalty. Please note that we will not able to offer personalized invoicing or partial term fees to either joiners or leavers within the term.

  • The family with outstanding fees will be notified in writing/email by the Chairman and the Treasurer. The headteacher and/or the class teachers should not be engaged in fee-related discussions. The chairman with the treasurer and possibly a third member of the committee will make efforts to meet up with the family on the first day of the school term and try to resolve the issue.

  • Failure to pay the fees for three consecutive terms, and provided that no declaration to the committee of “inability to pay” is in place, may lead towards potentially stopping the family from using the school teaching sessions for the following year.

Have questions?

Please contact our Treasurer Antonia Kirtzoglou at treasurer@greekschoolofoxford.org