A party-loving, superhero-ish, absurdly macho, and totally broke bull teams up with a down-on-his-luck bat to become the Odd Couple. Together, Beef Sumo and Batimir rise to heights of delusion, partying and even greatness, before crashing back down to earth and ending up in their dumpy apartment... or worse. This hilarious adult series began as a successful Kickstarter (Staff Pick!).

Starring the legendary John DiMaggio (the voice of Jake from ADVENTURE TIME and Bender from FUTURAMA) and the amazing Dee Bradley Baker (the voice of Klaus from AMERICAN DAD and Commander Cody from CLONE WARS).

The one-of-a-kind Tara Strong (the voice of Bubbles from the original POWER PUFF GIRLS and Toot Braunstein from DRAWN TOGETHER) voices Beef's girlfriend, the tough lounge singer Mona Chardonnay.