Over the past several years Grantown Grammar School has been in the fortunate position to offer 'The Shed' experience to our Strathspey Communities on a Friday afternoon during the winter months. The school donates the use of its technical department workshops, tools and facilities. Staffing is provided by the principal teacher of technical and his part time technician, who give their time for free to the project. All activities operate under the same conditions and practices as our pupils follow throughout their weekly technical lessons.

Purpose of ‘The Shed’ :

  • Our 'GGS Shed' is a Grantown Grammar/Community-based, non-profit, non-commercial organisation accessible to all people, providing a safe, friendly environment where individuals are able to work on their own meaningful projects at their pace, in their own time.
  • To provide a supportive environment for people to gather, work, teach, learn and seek fellowship with other like – minded people.
  • To promote the mental, physical, emotional and well-being of people in our community.

To help achieve this:

  • Our workshops operate on a nationally recommended school ratio of 1 teacher to 20 people. This is backed up with the addition of our technician . It is our aim to maintain an open door policy and not reject any person on the basis of race, disability, religion or age . Certain restrictions may be placed on participation for physical safety reasons or in if a member requires the assistance of a carer (must be provided by the participant) or be deemed a prohibited person.
  • Members must act in the best interests of the shed and not pursue personal agendas – think collectively through a democratic process, not individually.
  • The school will provide the shed with a safe physical environment.
  • The school will provide a safe and supportive social environment.
  • Members will be expected to respect the rights and decisions of the group.
  • Members will be expected to respect the confidentiality and privacy of the group.
  • Whilst in 'The Shed' we will not tolerate abuse, bullying, violence, anti-social behaviour or infringements of the rights of others. Persons indulging in this type of behaviour will be asked to leave .
  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner being considerate of other persons need for space, tools, materials and equipment.
  • In the event of conflict, members are able to discuss any issues with the school head teacher.
  • Members are encouraged to try out new personal workshop projects.
  • If individual/small groups of members choose to support a wider community/charity project that is absolutely fine. However it is their responsibility to fully organise, including all materials and other relevant tasks.

Note:- 'The shed' will remain neutral on community/charity support as it would be unfair to support only one when so many are in need of help.

'The Shed' Health and Safety

Whilst members of the public are guests in Grantown Grammar School we ask that you remember our duty of care practices that must be fully adhered to. These include all our workshop processes and risk assessments. These will be available to 'Shed' members from the website link and a copy of them will printed off- stored in the woodwork workshop beside where the cordless drills are kept.

  • The principal teacher who runs this event is a fully qualified First Aider.

We ask that you respect our procedures and ensure that you are fully trained and comply with our health and safety guidelines at all time before tackling new tasks. Any person not following these puts our 'Shed's' future in jeopardy. Please be safe!