Kindergarten is a big year of learning! Students must go from learning letter names and sounds to reading at least 10 small words by the end of the year.

Throughout the school year we have goals for the DIBELS assessment. When the students meet these goals we know they are making the progress they need or if they are falling behind and need more support.

Beginning of Year: 10 first sounds of words

Middle of Year: 30 First Sounds of words and 20 sounds from whole words. Additionally, read 17 correct letter sounds in print.

End of Year: 40 First Sounds of words and 28 sounds from whole words.

Rhyming and Reading

  • Play games! Kids need to know more than just letter sounds, they need to learn about how language and sounds work. Simple games like, 'Think of a word that rhymes with hat', while riding in the car will be helpful. Even listening for rhyming words in the songs on the radio.