Kansas City History

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Crossroads of America: Survey of Kansas City is an interdisciplinary study, semester-long class offered at Grandview High School. As part of project-based learning, students enrolled have created Kansas City-based documentaries over various topics. On May 3, our Kansas City History class hosted their second symposium where eight videos were showcased in front of a panel of three local experts. Here, you can view the videos created! Please enjoy and share!

Kansas City Cinemas

Kansas City was host to many beautiful theaters when cinema was the newest craze, including the Isis, Regent and Main Street Theaters.

The Ruskin Heights Tornado

May 20, 1957 will go down in the history books as one of the most devastating tornadoes in Kansas City history.

The Troost Divide

Kansas City is still one of the most racially segregated cities in America. . . and it started with the Troost Divide.

Cave Springs

Cave Springs in Raytown, Mo. is more than just a park- it is a place once beloved by the Native Americans and later was a stop along the Santa Fe Trail.

Charlie Parker

A Kansas City native, Charlie Parker remains one of the most important jazz icons in the nation.

Walt Disney in Kansas City

Walt Disney's name is internationally known, but his true start in animation- and creation of beloved Mickey Mouse- all happened right here in Kansas City.

Sauer Castle

Tucked away in Kansas City, Ks. is a 19th century mansion known as Sauer Castle falling into disrepair.

Wheeler Downtown Airport

Dedicated by Charles Lindbergh in 1927, Kansas City's Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport is the city's first airport and still one of its busiest.