Freshman and New Student Transition to GBHS

If you are a new student or incoming freshman to GBHS , this website has been created to help with your transition. Here is an easy accessible guide that you can use to make your transition easier.

Tips and Advice from GBHS Students

Video Correction: Students leave 3 minutes before the bell rings if they have to cross.


1st Hr-7:20-8:19

2nd Hr - 8:25-9:23

3rd Hr - 9:29-10:27

4th Hr - 10:33-12:03

5th Hr - 12:09-1:07

6th Hr - 1:13-2:16

Lunch Schedule

A lunch:

10:27 am-10:57 am

B lunch:

11:00 am-11:30 am

C lunch

11:33 am-12:03 pm