Enroll and Register

Application Process

  • Submit an application and affiliation form
      • mail to or
      • USPS mailed to 1210 Hessian Ave, West Deptford, New Jersey, 08093
      • A $25 non-refundable application fee per family is due at time of application submission.
  • GCA Admissions Team will review the application to establish compatibility.
  • GCA Admissions Team member will call to schedule a family interview
  • Interview
  • GCA Admissions Team will prayerfully confirm that the family and student have met the criteria required for acceptance.
  • Notice of admission will be sent along with enrollment form and tuition contract.


Enrollment is your agreement to attend GCA. This is completed via the enrollment form you receive in your admissions letter packet. A $100 registration fee is required per student.

3. Participate in placement test(s)

4. Results of placement test(s) will be reviewed with parents