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Tournament Format

  • Each Team’s performance in the preliminary Matches will determine qualification and seeding for a single-elimination Playoff to determine the top four places in the State Championship.

  • Preliminary Matches

  • Preliminary Matches will be divided into pools with an approximately even distribution of Teams based on the results of regional qualifying events.

  • Preliminary Matches will use a “round-robin” format wherein each team in a pool will play every other Team in that pool.

  • In order to balance the number of Preliminary Matches for each Team, the Tournament Director(s) may include “cross-over” matches where Teams play one or more Matches against Teams from another pool.

  • Tournament Director(s) may also incorporate “Byes” in the Preliminary Matches as needed to ensure a smooth tournament.

  • Tournament Director(s) may revise the format or schedule of Preliminary Matches as necessary to ensure relative equality of play.

  • Playoff Matches

  • The Playoff Matches will be a single-elimination competition in each Division until the final Championship ranking has been determined.

  • The winner of each Playoff Match will advance to the next Playoff Match in the bracket until a single undefeated Team remains in each division. That Team wins the title State Champion of that division.

  • Teams that lose a semi-final Match will play each other to determine third and fourth place Championship rankings.

  • Single-Elimination Playoff Matches will be organized in a bracket wherein the four highest ranked Teams will not compete against each other until the final two Matches. Brackets will be seeded in accordance with these rules upon the completion of the Preliminary Matches. Teams will be ranked according to the following ranked criteria:

  • Win/Loss Record in Preliminary Matches

  • Average points earned per Match played in Preliminary Matches

  • The Tournament Directors will announce any seeding rules changes prior to the State Championship.

  • The number of Teams who qualify for the Playoff Matches will be determined by the number of Teams in attendance in each Division and will be announced before the Championship begins.

  • Tie-Breakers

  • In the event of a tied Match at the conclusion of the Toss-Up/Bonus Round, a tiebreaker question will be given.

  • Play will continue until a tie-breaker question is answered correctly.

  • Tie-breaker points count for the purpose of Match and Team statistics.

Tournament Rules

The rules can be found by clicking here.

Tournament Eligibility

  • A school can only be represented by a maximum of one Varsity and one Junior Varsity Team.

  • Team Eligibility

    • Qualifying teams from each league will include the top four ranked teams from each division (JV and Varsity) or half of that league’s total number of teams, whichever is less.

      • Qualifying regional events take place between September and February and are organized by each local region.

      • The Georgia Regional Academic Bowl Board of Directors recognizes qualifying regional events.

    • Tournament Director(s) may invite additional Teams to compete in the Championship at their discretion to facilitate scheduling and format concerns.

  • Player Eligibility

    • Unless otherwise specified in these rules, all Players must meet the academic and attendance eligibility requirements for interscholastic competition as defined by the Georgia High School Association.

    • Coaches will ensure that all Players meet these eligibility requirements.

Qualifying teams from the following regions are invited to participate:

  • Appalachian League

  • Forsyth County

  • Griffin RESA

  • Lanier League

  • Northeast Georgia RESA

  • West Georgia RESA

Tournament Fees

  • The registration fees for this tournament are $60 per team ($120 for both a JV and Varsity entry).

    • Teams who heard GRAB-edited questions in their regional tournaments qualify for a $30 per team discount ($60 for both a JV and Varsity entry).

  • Payments must be postmarked by Feb. 25, 2023.

  • Please make checks payable to Georgia Regional Academic Bowl.

  • Mail payments to P.O. Box 943 Flowery Branch, Georgia 30542.

  • Entries are limited to ONE Varsity team AND ONE JV team per school.

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline is February 18, 2023 at 5:00 PM.

Important Dates

Registration Deadline: Feb. 18 @ 5:00 PM

Tournament: Feb. 25 @ 9:00 AM


Please email with any registration questions.

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