The MDE Seal of Biliteracy

The Michigan Department of Education and Grandville Public Schools values and celebrates the linguistic and cultural diversity in our community, and also wants to recognize the language skills of students who complete extended sequences of world language study, as well as those whose native language is other than English.  The MDE Seal of Biliteracy aligns to the goals and strategies of Michigan’s Top 10 in 10 endeavor.

Eligible Students:

The Michigan Seal of Biliteracy is awarded by the Michigan Department of Education to high school graduates who: 

Benefits of Biliteracy

Michigan’s Global Competitiveness

Biliteracy increases students’ marketability in the workplace and serves as an economic resource for state/global marketplace. 

Career Readiness 

There is a growing need for bilingual employees across a wide range of occupations, regardless of educational requirements or salary (New American Economy, 2017). 

PreK-12 and Higher Education Articulation 

Biliteracy establishes criteria to inform and facilitate placement decisions in language courses at post-secondary institutions. 

Cognitive and Cultural Benefits

Students who learn more than one language gain numerous cognitive benefits, including improvements in executive functioning, working memory, attention span, flexibility, and creative thinking (Bialystok, 2007). 

Assessment + Testing Dates

GHS uses AAPPL test for biliteracy testing. 

Each test contains four components:

Each part of the test costs $5.00. First time testers must register, pay for, and attempt all four parts ($20.00 total). Students must meet the intermediate proficient level to qualify for the Seal of Biliteracy. 

Students who do not reach intermediate proficiency, may retest any portion of the test for an additional fee of $5.00 per section during the next testing window. 

For languages without available assessments, students must meet proficiency in all skills that are applicable based on the district’s Seal of Biliteracy Plan (determined by the Seal of Biliteracy Committee).

Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch will receive a discount. Otherwise, students are responsible for any assessment fees not covered by their school/district.

Biliteracy testing twice a year in November and February.

Biliterate students receive an official MDE Letter of Certification and an embossed gold foil seal.  Graduating students will also wear special cords indicating biliterate status. 

Students tested in their senior year may not receive test results until summer of their graduating year.  The Seal will be awarded retroactively following graduation.

Interested students should contact their world language instructor, their ELL instructor, and/or their counselor.

Registration and Payment

How to Register/Pay:

Printable Registration Form

Payment can also be made in our main office with a check or cash.

Test Dates and Registration Deadlines:

The registration and payment window opens on October 2, 2023 and closes on the following dates: