Welcome to Galena Park Elementary! My name is Raquel Gonzalez, I am the campus school nurse for Galena Park Elementary. 

I will provide the necessary care for your child during the school day, while I will not call parents for every clinic visit made there will be times I will need to contact you. In order for this to be possible, please keep your contact information up to date during the school year. I am looking forward to working with you to ensure a safe and healthy school year for your child.  

Please feel free to contact me with your child's individual health concerns at 832-386-1680 or at

Notes and Reminders:

*Please inform the school nurse of any medical conditions that might affect your child during the school day.

(Asthma, ADHD/ADD, Life Threatening Allergies, Physical Disabilities, Surgery, etc.)   

*No medication will be accepted until ALL required paperwork including Action Plans by the physician are complete. 


Success in school is directly related to the good health and the emotional well-being of each child. Responsibility for the care of children lies primarily with the parents. If your child becomes ill or has an emergency at school, it is important that the school nurse or administrator be able to reach you immediately. 

Please make sure that the school has accurate telephone numbers listed for you and your emergency contacts. Please remember to update any phone numbers that change throughout the school year.