School Board

Mission Statement

The mission of the Goshen School District is to provide diverse, high-quality, educational opportunities in a safe and accepting environment that will promote positive citizenship and prepare students to be critical thinkers and life-long learners willing to share their knowledge and talents with others.

Goshen School Board Members

Allen Howe, Chair

Christine Downing, Vice Chair

Robert Bell

Doug O'Clair

John Scranton

Support Staff

School Board Clerk: Melissa Almstrom

School Board Moderator: Melanie Bell

School Board Treasurer: Ann O'Clair


  1. The Goshen School District will continue to provide and expand, when possible, public school choice options for Goshen resident students.
  2. The Goshen School District will promote effective communication with Goshen families regarding the importance of early childhood education to identify and address impediments to learning and provide opportunities for social and emotional development.
  3. The Goshen School District will increase and promote effective partnerships with the Goshen community, its students, and their attending districts through ongoing communication and collaboration.
  4. The Goshen School Board members will continue to work in a collegial manner as SAU #102-Goshen School District to ensure the best academic, social, and positive results for the Goshen students and the Goshen community.
  5. The Goshen School Board will work with the Goshen town officials to transition new district administration to establish the management and operations of SAU #102.