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September Update

Language Arts:

Students will continue to work on identifying character traits and providing specific evidence to back those traits up. We will practice this skill using the Guatemalan myth, "The Disobedient Child". By the end of the week, we will begin working on our first major writing piece, an expository essay on the person each student most admires.


Students will continue to work with ratios, rate, and unit rates. Our goal is for students to be able to 1) identify a ratio, 2) write a ratio in three different forms, 3) explain the meaning of ratios, and 4) be able to connect ratios, rates, and unit rates to real-world examples. We will plan on having our first summative assessment covering ratios and rates on Friday September 28th.


Students will have the opportunity to share their Hurricane research slides that we have been working on in class. We have focused on the formation and aftermath of Hurricane Florence, as well as making comparisons to past hurricanes. Next week we will start to examine the similarities and differences between weather and climate.

Social Studies:

We will be wrapping up our summative in-class project on the Five Themes of Geography during the first half of the week. Students will take the research they've done on a country of their choice and organize it by geographical themes. The final product will be done in the form of a Google Slides project. By the end of the week, we will begin studying Ancient Mesopotamia.