SAIL Program Staff

Danielle Quimby, GT Coordinator K-8                    


Phone: (207) 222-1376

Rebecca Ambrose, GT Coordinator 9-12


Phone: (207) 222-1388

Christine Karcanes, GT Ed Tech III 4-5


SAIL is Gorham's Gifted and Talented Program

The Gorham School Department offers a continuum of Gifted and Talented Programming options through SAIL. This programming is designed to respond to the needs of students who excel beyond their age and/or grade level peers, as required by Chapter 104, and is monitored through district assessment data. 

Guided by Renzulli's School-wide Enrichment Model (University of Connecticut) and operating within a consultancy model, SAIL's enrichment options are implemented at different levels in order to create appropriate opportunities for students to explore, refine, and extend their talents.

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