This schedule is subject to change. The end time of 6:00 is a rough guess at when the meet will be over.

Outdoor track 2022

Coaching Staff: Michael McCarthy, Gregg Morton, Hannah Chadwick

  • Students will only attend practice on days they attend school

  • Students should be ready for practice by 2:30 pm

  • If you're using the locker rooms to dress out for practice, change quickly, and take all of your belongings out with you or use a lock.

  • Practice will go until 4:00 pm - the late bus will be available, students need to sign-up at the beginning of the school day. We are encouraging pick-ups this year.

  • No practice on Fridays

What to bring:

  • Clothes/Layers comfortable and appropriate for running and the weather

  • Sneakers appropriate for running distance

  • Water bottle labeled with name.

  • A Watch for timing intervals and longer runs. Helps athletes with pacing and personal responsibility.


  • Students will be supplied with a uniform top, there is a number on the back and it is that athlete's responsibility.

  • BLACK SHORTS can be your own, if you do not have a pair of black shorts, we can find you a pair. Otherwise, there should be no other colors with the exception of a little bit of white on them, such as a stripe.


  • Home meets

    • Will be at Gorham High School.

    • The team will walk to the High School carrying all of their school belongings.

    • Once the student has finished all of their events they may leave (though they are encouraged to stay and support their team mates)

    • We will not be returning to the middle school as a group.

    • There is no need to sign students out at home meets

  • Away meets

    • Locations are listed on the schedule.

    • Students will take a bus after school to the hosting school.

    • Students may be picked up at the host school but THEY MUST BE SIGNED OUT.

    • There will be a return bus to the Middle School where parents can pick up their athletes.