FL 50 Hill Challenge

The Finger Lakes 50 Hill Champions:

1) Rich Wayman

2) Ian Woods

3) Simeon Warner

4) Jim Millar

5) Dan Parsons

6) Sondra Wayman

7) William Shang

The hills surrounding the Finger Lakes are challenging.  Are you ready to demonstrate your grit?  Click on the Tabs above to see each hill's ranking, location or difficulty.  Only ride climbs over 300 feet in elevation gain have made the cut for our listing.  Even if you aren’t up to tackling the baddest hill, take heart what you have strode atop and tackle on the next one ranked in level of difficulty.  There's a total of 50+1 hills.

Ride up all and be recognized on the honor list below.

The rules are simple:  Bike any beginning in 2023 (If it is power assisted please indicate on your form.)

We have switched to old school, but reliable methods. Two options:

Print out, record manually.  When complete, take a photo and email it to us.  (Wgottlieb@yahoo.com)

Click Here to Download Your docx Challenge Tally Sheet (Select File > Download > docx)

 or (Select File > Make a copy)

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All Finger Lakes 50 Champions are hailed and celebrated!