The Gonzales Family

Eva Gonzales, LMFT

Eva is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over a decade of clinical experience. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology at University of California Davis and her Master of Arts in Counseling at Argosy University. Eva has had experience working with all ages in multiple locations: adult individual and couple work in office, school based therapy in order to help students better access their education, therapy with juvenile offenders incarcerated and in their homes with their families, and behavioral therapy with children in the community. Eva has spent much of her career in community mental health, focusing on youth aged 4-21 and their families in a variety of different modalities, such as play therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), EMDR, Nuerofeedback, systemic therapy, Functional Family Therapy (FFT), Trauma Drama, and Attachment Self Regulation and Competency (ARC). Most of this work was focused on supporting resiliency in the face of complex and ongoing trauma.

Although Eva has extensive training in Evidence Based Practices and using the data to direct treatment, she is willing to apply whatever therapeutic tool will help the client in front of her.

Eva enjoys playing with her two sons and yellow lab, writing music, singing, playing guitar, dancing, working out, and talking shop and going on adventures with her husband.

Dominic Gonzales, LMFT

Dominic is passionate about meeting his clients where they are at and giving them a boost to the next level. For nearly a decade he has been weaving systems work, CBT, EFT, Motivational Interviewing, attachment based interventions, and a variety of trauma focused modalities into client centered treatment. He has done this in a variety of settings, including client’s homes, client’s schools, client’s communities, and in the clinic. Providing Telehealth has given Dominic yet another way to help his clients access treatment. Dominic’s values of integrity and collaboration lead him to connect with clients authentically and help them pursue their goals in a way that is uniquely tailored to them using evidence based and extensively researched modalities.

Dominic enjoys quality alone time reading or gaming in order to recharge and play hard with his two kids, lab, and wife.