Welcome to Mr. Erwin's 6th Grade Science Class!

Open your mind and get ready to explore the world!

This will be an exciting, engaging, and inspiring year for your growth and development. I am very pleased to be a part of it! I am looking forward to getting to know you and working with your family to make this a productive and enjoyable year.

I encourage you to become as involved inside class and outside class as much as possible. We know that everyday is important and every minute counts. When you spend extra time and energy, it is a valuable treasure that speaks volumes to the success of each individual. It is your commitment to your success and growth that will make everyday a learning experience and impact your entire life. I look forward in helping you in any way possible!

Science is a comprehensive collection of hands-on activities, experiments, and projects that will help you explore the wonders of the world. Here is an overview of some of the experiences that you will encounter in sixth grade Science!


This year we will focuses on helping students use scientific inquiry to discover patterns, trends, structures and relationships!

Sixth grade Science Topics this year:

Measurement & Scientific Method

Motion & Matter

Rocks, Minerals & Soil

Cellular to Multicellular

Parents, please feel free to let me know if you have something special to share relating to the topic that we are studying. I believe that home/school interaction is needed in order to help each child succeed. Your participation and encouragement will be greatly appreciated !!!


Common Formative Assessments (CFA’s)- These will be given monthly and are not graded. CFA’s will be used to track student growth, target areas for intervention, or provide enrichment opportunities.

Weekly Quizzes- Vocabulary is a very important part of the sixth grade Science program. Students are expected to practice vocabulary words every evening for at least ten minutes. Students will be given new vocabulary words just about every week. They are encouraged to use the online resource “Quizlet” for review and extra help. Please refer to the classroom website for more detailed instructions on how to access quizlet. Every Thursday students need to BE READY!!! We will have vocabulary quizzes every week (even if it is just review)! The quiz will be graded and entered into progress book. If students would like to retake the quiz for a better score, they will need to complete extra practice at home using quizlet. Then, they will need to take a practice quiz outside of class with a score of at least 90% or higher to show that they are ready. This will need to be printed, signed by a parent or guardian, and turned in before the student retakes the quiz by Monday. Then, students will need to make arrangements to retake the quiz before school, during their lunch period, or after school.


We will have comprehensive tests after each unit. Unit tests are designed to gauge learning and provide each student with information for overall performance that are in alignment with the Ohio State 6th Grade Science Standards.

Science Notebooks-

Students will keep a running record of their Science work in their science binders with plastic sleeves to help them organize their work. Science work will include vocabulary practice, notes, guided reading assignments, daily science work, along with labs. Science notebooks will be graded on overall completion, organization, and quality. Students are always encouraged to complete unfinished work outside of class if they need extra time.

Study Island-

This is online program that students use to practice questions that are designed for sixth grade science objectives. Students are expected to earn blue ribbons for each unit every grading period. Students will be given class time every week to work on study island. All students are encouraged to work at home if they need extra practice. Students will need to read over each lesson before they attempt the practice questions.


Students will have an extra day for every day that they missed to make up classwork. Please remember to check progress book to keep up to date with missing or late assignments.

Behavior Expectations:

Students are expected to follow directions, listen & speak respectfully, show self-control, cooperate with others, and show kindness.

Class Rules\Expectations:

1. Respect everyone and the building.

2. Speak when you have permission and make eye contact.

3. Walk in the building, be seated upon arrival, and get ready to start class.

4. Do your work and stay on task.

5. Be prepared, take care of your belongings, and stay organized.

6. Return class materials.

When students make poor choices, we will follow the school behavior plan outlined below.

School Behavior Plan:

Teachers will send a behavioral notification to the assistant principal for every occurrence listed below.

1. Verbal Warning

2. Logical Consequence- (Example- complete a “Think Sheet” for reflection.)

3. Detention- (This may be during lunch or after school with parent contact.)

4. Meeting with teacher, student, and parent

5. Referral to Administration (This could result in Friday or Saturday detention, In school suspension, or suspension)

AMS Classroom Behavior Plan.pdf

What is your learning style?

How do you learn BEST?

Mission Statement:

My goal is to help inspire a community of learners that will make responsible choices that lead to success in organization, communication, demonstration, and designing science concepts as we practice the 3 R’s (Ready, Responsible, Respectful).

Helpful Sites that we use in Science!

Study Island


Click the "Tree Picture" to learn more about


Click the "Light Bulb" picture to learn more about Project Based Learning.

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