Test Taking Tips

What’s on the Test

Some questions will require you to select one answer or select all correct answers. Others may require you to type a short answer, move objects, or highlight parts of the text.

There is a tool bar on each page. Look for this symbol.

*Mark question for review; highlight text; cross off wrong answers to narrow down choices.

*You can open the reading mode window to see the reading selection on 2 pages.

*Spelling does not count against you, but you can use spell check. The ABC button will give you word choices.

*You can use audio for Math, Science and SS. There is speak option in the menu bar.

*In Math, you will have a calculator and a tool bar like this:

tool bar

Did you know: You can mark answers for review.

You can go back to them at the end of the test. You will see this screen when you are done.

Multiple Choice

1. Think about the important words in the question. What is it asking you to do?

2. Read all answer choices and eliminate obvious wrong answers.

3. Cover the answers as you read the question. Try to answer the question on your own. Always double check but your first guess is best!

5. Use other test questions to help you answer what you do not know. Sometimes another question will have the answer you were looking for!

6. Answer every question. Choose all of the above if 2 or more answers seem correct.

7. Look for “Choose all the correct answers” and pick more than one!



Some answers are in the text, some are your own thoughts!

*Remember you CAN earn partial credit if some of your answer is correct. Answer All Questions!

Short Answer and Extended Response Questions

*Read the questions first so you know what to look for when reading!

*Use the highlighting tool to highlight important parts as you read.

*Read the selection carefully. Visualize and summarize it as you go.

*You will be asked to provide examples from the reading selection. Many questions will direct you where to find the answer. Go back to the selection and use the words from the selection. Say “In the story the author says…” “On page 3 it says…”

*If a question doesn’t say refer to the text, you have to think on your own. Go back and reread. Then use what you already know and complete RACE (above).

*They are asking you to do multiple tasks. You can make bullet points for each task. Put an answer in each one!

*You will see some questions asking about the meaning of words. Go back to the text and use the clues around the word to help you with the meaning.