Zebra Baseball Club

Required Player Items for Practice (player approved numbers below)

LHS Wilson Team Store

The **PERSONALIZED** Wilson Team Shop will be providing discounted gear available to purchase by players for the 2022/23 Spring Season.

We will have a separate PERPETUAL Wilson Team Shop gear soon.

To visit the store go to: www.wilsonteamshop.com/join

Team Store Invite Code: GQCVXXCC


You will need BOTH the code and link above to take advantage of our team store.

This URL will allow an individual to sign up for our team store by adding their name, email address and access code to a form followed by a conformation email.

Other Zebra Square Site items are located here: https://lhszebrabaseball.square.site/

Both Purchases are only open until Friday  March 3, 2023.

Approved Player Numbers: so far...

Plaut 1

Aceto 2

Strother 4

Munch 5

Bostic 7

Dunkinson 8

Redding 9

Winters 10

Schimpf 11

Drennon 12

Martinez 13

E Nartker 15

N Nartker 16

Armstrong 18

Allen 20

Knell 21

Maul 22

Spomer 23

Wasilchuk 24

Alvarez 25

Montes 27

Silva 28

Pipia 33

Saxberg 34

Cook 42

Bass 48

Shoff 50

Jackson 55

Haro 56

Wilkerson 72

Storm 88

Maldonado OO

Schedule from Max Preps

Thank you for your support of the LHS Baseball program.  

Please be sure to add the players name when checking out to ensure they receive credit for the sale.  

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