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Highlights and Teaching Moments

Grade 4/5 students are enjoying listening to the Harry Potter read aloud and have been so engaged with the classroom setup.

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Welcome to WRC

Hours of Operation:

Buses arrive between 7:40-8:05. Early bused students remain on the playground until 7:55.

Student Morning Drop Off:

Walkers and student drop off is at 7:55am. Please be mindful that students arriving early are not supervised outside.

Bused students begin arriving at 7:45. Students remain outside until bell time at 7:55am.

Only students who arrive by bus should be at school before 7:55am.

8:05: Classes Begin

9:30-10:15: Staggered Recess
11:15 -12:45: Staggered Lunch Breaks (45 minute each)
2:05: Dismissal

Please continue to check our WRC Website for updates and new information

  • Masking for staff, students, and visitors remains in place for a few more weeks during school hours and on school buses.

  • Visitors and spectators will need to wear masks in schools during school instructional hours for a few more weeks.

  • Staff and students are asked to follow core public health measures such as getting vaccinated if eligible, staying home if feeling unwell, following the COVID-19 daily checklist, washing and sanitizing hands frequently.

  • Music, band, arts and sports in schools can resume in full.

  • Tournaments, concerts and extracurricular activities are permitted.


Dear Parents,

The month of may has been busy:)

The town of Stewiacke has started the after school program again with the grade fours this week (May 9-13) and permission slips going home for the grade three students next week. (May 16-27)

This program runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 2-3:30.

I am happy to see so many of of grade 2-6 students participating in FUN RUN CLUB each Wednesday during the month of May for our students in grade 2-6. It's great to see the kids outside together getting exercise and enjoying themselves.

A reminder that permission forms must be signed in order for your child to stay after school for these activities.

Further our Home and School has sent home tickets today May 11, for the Fun in the Sun Giveaway. Each child will receive two set of tickets and the class with the most sales in the upper end and lower end will receive a free Pizza Party.

A big thank you to the businesses that have sponsored the Home and School to ensure some amazing prizes are given to the winners.

June promises to be exciting for all our students with class trips planned for all grades and an evening on June 23rd from 6pm-7pm being prepared for our families in grade 6 to celebrate their child's accomplishments and recognize our students who have worked very hard.

Our Grade threes will write the grade three provincial assessment this month and the Data gathered will be used to guide our instruction. I know with our excellent teaching staff and the support from our families the students will do very well.

Further all students in grades 4-6 are completing the Student Success Survey that gathers data on student well being. This should be informative for our teaching and support staff to help us with decision making regarding our students when thinking about their Social and Emotional Well Being.

Again, May and June prove to be fun for all our students and we are excited that your children will be given the opportunity to partake in school trips, extra curricular and other.

A reminder that students must be in good standing at school to participate in these events. As always we will have a high expectation for our students and our focus is ensure our student population feel safe and welcomed.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the office and we will be happy to support you.

Clint Oakley



Bus Notifications for CCRCE have now been moved to one location to make it easier to find information on your child's bus.. We suggest checking this website each morning for up-to-date information.

Bus Drivers and Bus Numbers

Peter Huybers Bus #110

Susan Walters Bus #118

Dave Roy Bus #278

Roger Cox #825

Vickie Hunt Bus #262

Ken Dillman Bus # 71