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June is Pride Month, Celebrate who we are!!!!

The Progress Pride flag adds arrow-shaped stripes to the traditional horizontal stripes from the Pride flag to be more inclusive, such as by including LGBTQ people of colour in the flag.

June 21: Celebrating the heritage and outstanding achievements of Aboriginal Peoples .

The red dress is a symbol of missing aboriginal woman. This response is a powerful movement that seeks to bring attention to the violence towards Aboriginal woman.

For the first time ever, Nova Scotia’s public schools will be celebrating Black Excellence Day on June 17, 2022.

Students and staff in Nova Scotia’s public schools as well as supporters are invited to wear black T-Shirts to celebrate and stand in unity in support of the success of Black students. Black Excellence Day celebrates Black Achievements, Black stories, Black Art, Black innovations, and Black people and their communities.

Nova Scotia’s Inclusive Education Policy is a commitment to ensuring a high-quality, culturally and linguistically responsive and equitable education to support the well-being and achievement of every student. Black Excellence Day is an opportunity for students to see themselves represented, acknowledged, and celebrated and to grow understandings that create an inclusive education for all students.

Black Excellence T-Shirt Day acknowledges the authentic and diverse intersectionality of the African diaspora as beautiful with many diverse cultures, ethnicities, faiths and lived experiences and the 400-year legacy of people of African ancestry within the province of Nova Scotia.

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Students in Grade 6 took to the skies for a spectacular, ultimate year end school trip. This awesome experience brought the grade 6 flight unit to life as the students from Winding River Consolidated soared to success at the Truro Flying Club.

Congratulations on your elementary accomplishments grade 6's! We wish you great success at South Colchester Academy.

Thank you Pridham's Studio for the great photo of our grade 6!

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Students in Grade 4/5, 5 had an amazing adventure to the Discovery Centre on June 8th.

Upcoming Events

Highlights and Teaching Moments

Ms. Zwicker's Grade 1 class, winners of the "Brain Awareness Week Make-a-Neuron" contest. Congrats!

Welcome to WRC

Hours of Operation:

Buses arrive between 7:40-8:05. Early bused students remain on the playground until 7:55.

Student Morning Drop Off:

Walkers and student drop off is at 7:55am. Please be mindful that students arriving early are not supervised outside.

Bused students begin arriving at 7:45. Students remain outside until bell time at 7:55am.

Only students who arrive by bus should be at school before 7:55am.

8:05: Classes Begin

9:30-10:15: Staggered Recess
11:15 -12:45: Staggered Lunch Breaks (45 minute each)
2:05: Dismissal

Please continue to check our WRC Website for updates and new information


Dear Parents,

It’s June! One more month before students complete 2021-2022 school year.

As per usual, June can prove to be humid and very hot on occasion, so it’s important to ensure your child dresses according to the weather. Often times Physical Education Class is held outside so students should be prepared to be guarded from the sun. A hat and a water bottle is important so children are protected from the sun and staying hydrated. Please continue to send your child with a water-bottle.

WRCS has been busy lately with many excited students thinking of years end and children are excited about the upcoming events such as school trips and Grade 6 recognition.

The 2021-2022 Nova Scotia Assessment (NSA): Reading, Writing, and Mathematics/Mathématiques in Grade 6 (RWM6) were written in October 2021, will be released next week and sent home to parents through the eduportal (the same way students receive report cards). Please look for these in an email between June 1 -3.

Report cards will also be delivered through the EDU PORTAL for all students on June 30th

June will be a very busy month and documentation regarding school trips and travel consent forms may require your signature. Please ensure that if you wish your child to participate in any travel, you must sign. In the past verbal consent was sometimes given the morning of the trip (when necessary) but this is no longer something we are able to do. That said, please ensure forms are signed so your child is still able to go on these exciting adventures. 😊

Grade 6 students will be visiting South Colchester Academy on June 9th to support their transition to Jr High and will be also be having a grade Primary Orientation for incoming grade Primary students on Thursday, June 23 between 11:05am-11:50am. Further information will come regarding Primary Orientation in the coming days.

Further Grade 6 students will have an End of Year Celebration on June 23th between 6pm-6:45pm, to celebrate their successes at WRC. This is an invite for parents and guardians and close family members to attend. We are asking that immediate family members attend this gathering only in an attempt to keep numbers low from a public health lens. 😊

Our home and School has been very busy fundraising. We are excited to draw the winners June 10, for the FUN IN THE SUN GIVEAWAY, but we ask you return all tickets and money no later than Friday, June 3rd. After we count the tickets, two classes, one in the upper end and one in the lower end will receive a free pizza party from Jessy's Pizza for selling the most tickets. Woot woot!

As always, WRC continues to support your child academically and socially. We wish for your child’s learning experience to be safe and inclusive. Please do not hesitate to call or email me if you wish to speak with us.

Have a safe and restful summer everyone.

WRC Team

Bus Notifications for CCRCE have now been moved to one location to make it easier to find information on your child's bus.. We suggest checking this website each morning for up-to-date information.

Bus Drivers and Bus Numbers

Peter Huybers Bus #110

Susan Walters Bus #118

Dave Roy Bus #278

Roger Cox #825

Vickie Hunt Bus #262

Ken Dillman Bus # 71


As many parents and guardians are aware, we are seeing an increase in ticks in the area and we thought it would be helpful if we shared information on how to reduce any risk associated with tick bites.

  • Wear long pants and long sleeves in areas likely to have ticks

  • Wear enclosed shoes and tuck your pants into your socks

  • Walk on well-travelled paths, avoiding long grass and vegetation

  • Check for ticks after you have been outside

For more information on tick safety please review the following Nova Scotia Government link. https://novascotia.ca/ticksafety/ or https://novascotia.ca/DHW/CDPC/lyme.asp.