Dr. T.L. Sullivan

Important Dates

June 27

Grading and Classifying Day (students not present)

June 28

Last teaching day of the school year.

(Students are present)

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Parents are Reminded to Please Clear Student Accounts Owing for Sports, Student fees, Sports, and Tee Shirts before Friday June 28.

Grading and Classifying Day Thursday June 27 (Teachers Only)

Final Teaching Day of the School Year Friday June 28

(Students Present)

School Advisory Council Dr.TL Sullivan School

Agenda, April 4, 2019

Attendance: Mrs. Alaina Jessome, Mrs. Donna Hall (Pres.) Mr. Dan McNabb, Ms. M. Stubbert, Mr. C. Yorke, Students Elle MacDougall, Alison Jessome, Kennedy Jessome

Regrets: Mrs. Lori Jessome, Ms. Lisa Bond

1. Parent/Teacher Wrap Up

2. Winter Carnival Report

3. Attendance Update

4. Plastic Bag Grab Challenge

5. Skills Challenge (MCHS)

6. SGI

7. Advisory/Teaming/Flexible Scheduling/Exploratories

8. Diane Power NSFHSA President

9. Primary Registrations N=20

10. More Chrome Books

11. School Library (Summer work)

12. Track to be paved June

13. Provincial Assessments Grades 3 & 8

14. Pan Canadian Assessment Program (PCAP) in May N=17

15. Sports Update

16. Awards Day Planning

17. Student Survey DEECD

18. Other

Minutes: Mr. Yorke introduced the agenda and motion carried to accept. The change of time for P/T was reported as positive and led to increased parent attendance. Attendance reports allowed the students to talk about the fruit baskets and support from Sobey’s as a healthy approach to encouraging spirit and light competition among classes. Kennedy spoke well of the Skills Challenge for women, virtual reality, welding, carpentry and presentation on women in trades went very well. Mr. Yorke opened the floor to comments about Advisory students feel we should return to morning start of the day time periods, myBluePrint and Stem ideas would be welcomed. Motion was made by Ms. Jessome to accept joining with the NSFHSA, pay the $10.00 fee. Motion approved. Ms. Stubbert reported Primary registrations so far are at 20, we are awaiting two chrome book carts of 10 each. School Library to be renovated over the summer and paving the track should take place in June. Prov assessments were noted for Grade 3s and 8s and 17 of our Grade 8s will write the PCAP. Sports update hockey nearing completion, softball, hard ball & track yet to come. Awards Day date was tentatively looked at for June 20th afternoon. Mr. Yorke announced a DEECD survey looking for student input for all Grades 4-1 will be in the schools soon. Mr. McNabb highlighted that the student council has entered the Plastic Bag Grab Challenge and students have a plan going forward. No further meetings are planned at this time.

Who I really Am by Grace Maclennan v2.mp4

Respect Challenge:

To celebrate African Heritage month in February (see Jan/Feb newsletter) we held a very successful RESPECT Challenge. This contest was intended to build positive relations among all staff and students and to raise the bar around respectful behavior. Over 60 posters, two essays and three videos were received.

Overall Winner is Grace MacLellan for her Video Song “Who I Really Am”… Consolation Winners in the poster category were First Place: Miley Taylor Grade 6.2 2. Grace MacLennan & Julia Seward Grade 8.2 and Third Place: Tessa Dixon Grade 7.1 Congratulations to all entrants. We will be displaying the student efforts on Respect during our Parent/Teacher days coming the end of the month.

Resolving Concerns

If you have concern about your child at school, we want to work with you to resolve it. We encourage you to start by communicating with your child’s teacher—open communication can often help resolve concerns at this level. If you feel more action is needed, please contact the principal. If the concern still requires attention, staff at our Regional Centre for Education - CB-VRCE can help. http://cbvrce.ca/home/