Grade 6 band outline

Purpose: The purpose of the grade 6 instrumental music program is to explore and develop skills in music using instruments that are found in the concert band setting. Through the instruments and the music we play we will take part in group music making, explore the role of the fine arts in society, use critical thinking skills and learn a new way to express ourselves.

Curriculum outcomes:

1.) Explore, Challenge, Develop and express ideas using the skills, language and techniques and process of the arts.

2.) Create and/or present, collaboratively and independently expressive products in the arts for a range of audiences.

3.) Demonstrate a critical awareness of and value the role of the arts in creating and reflecting culture.

4.) Examine the relationship among the arts and society and environments

5.) Apply critical thinking and problem solving strategies to reflect on and respond to their own and others expressive works.

Outline of learning expectations:

Term one:

1.) How to put together the instrument.

2.) How to clean the instrument.

3.) First six notes

4.) Basic rhythms using quarter notes/rests, half notes/rest and whole notes/rests

5.) Music in 4/4 time

6.) Exercises 1- 34 in Red Tradition of Excellence Book

7.) First full page band music

8.) Beginnings of improvising/composition

9.) Working on learning musical terms

Term two:

1.) Next three to four notes

2.) Rhythms using eighth notes

3.) Music in 2/4 and ¾ time

4.) Exercises 36-84

5.) Accidentals

6.) More sheet music

7.) Exploring composition in more detail

8.) Working on learning musical terms

Term three:

1.) Expanding knowledge of accidentals

2.) Some instruments will learn several more notes

3.) Small ensemble work

4.) More sheet music

5.) Working on learning musical terms

6.) Exercises 85-116

As the school year progresses we may slow down or speed up our progress through the book, depending on the needs of the students.

Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to play in extra bands before/after school. More details will be available as the school year progresses.

Things students will need for band class!

1.) Pencil, it is very important to bring a pencil (not a pen) to band class. As we progress musically we may need to change previous musical decisions!

2.)Tradition of Excellence book.

a. Grade six will require book one (red).

3.) Instrument and cleaning supplies for the instrument

4.) A binder/Pocket folder for keeping sheet music organized.

5.) A small exercise book for Journal entries. You should be able to store this in your binder/folder.


1.) Try to practice at the same time everyday.

2.) Try to have a stand, pencil, music and instrument with you to practice.

3.) Practice somewhere that you can concentrate.

4.) Start your practice session with some warm-ups.

5.) Then move onto an exercise from your technique book. Try it slow at first and work out the rhythms and notes. Then gradually speed the exercise up. Now it is time to work on some music. Always try to work on the parts that you are having trouble with at a slow pace. If you can play it slow it is just a matter of time before you can play it at tempo.

6.) Always end your practice session on a positive note!!! Take out your favorite piece and just play through and have some fun making beautiful music!!!!


Instruments can be rented through several stores such as Long and McQuade. A limited number of instruments are available for rental through the school for a fee. If you need assistance with renting an instrument please ask Mrs. Oxford