North Queens Community School

North Queens Community School



Mon, Dec. 12, 2022    Grade 9 Entrepreneurship Fair

Wed, Dec. 14, 2022    Embedded CLT Dismiss at 1:18

Wed, Dec. 14, 2022    Elementary Holiday Concert 6pm

Fri, Dec. 16, 2022       Christmas Dinner at School 12:30

Mon, Dec 19, 2022     Free Lunch

Tues, Dec 20, 2022     Pancake Breakfast

                                       Last Day before December Break


Tue, Jan.3, 2023   First Day After December Break

Jan.9-13, 2023 Early Pre & Primary Registration

Wed, Jan. 11, 2023 Embedded CLT7 dismiss at 1:18

Thur, Jan. 19, 2023   NS Virtual School Exams

Mon, Jan. 23, 2023  Semester 1 Exams Begin

Fri, Jan.  27, 2023  Semester 1 Ends (10-12)

Fri, Jan.  27, 2023  MarkingDay (10-12)- No School 10-12

Mon, Jan. 30, 2023  Semester 2 Begins

Here are a few links that might be helpful.

Nova Scotia Curriculum:

Coronavirus website:

Mental Health Services:

SSRCE Website:

NQCS Food bank is open Wednesday's from 9-12.

Donations can be made directly to North Queens Community School through the link above. Please specify the funds are for North Queens Community School and which program you want to contribute towards. Thank you for your generosity and for supporting our students.