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Semester 1 -2023 -2024

Science 10/O2 (A)

Chemistry 12 (B & C),  Chemistry 12  (D - all year - A day classes only)

Semester 2 -2023-2024 Chemistry 12 (A),

 Chemistry 11 (B & C)

Chemistry 12  (D - all year - A day classes only)

Citadel High School

Home of the Phoenix

1855 Trollope Street Halifax, NS B3H 0A4

Phone: (902) 491- 4444 (ext - 2831316)

Fax: (902) 491-1700


A note about PowerSchool updates: Assessments will be recorded in PowerSchool as soon as they are evaluated and will be visible in PowerSchool immediately.  However, a running grade tally will be available at the end of each unit (or major assessment) only.  If you have any questions about your grades, please see or email me and I will provide clarity.  

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