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Black Excellence Day 2023

Black Excellence Day recognizes the commitment to focus on equity by supporting

the success of Black students and establishing safe and caring schools where all

students feel they belong. Black Excellence Day acknowledges the authentic and diverse intersectionality of the African diaspora as beautiful with many diverse cultures, ethnicities, faiths and lived experiences, and a 400 year legacy of people of African ancestry within the province of Nova Scotia. Black Excellence Day was established to celebrate and recognize the many accomplishments and contributions of people of African descent.


Today, here at MRHS, we are raising the African Nova Scotian flag to celebrate Black Excellence Day.  Here is a background on the flag:


The Colours:

Red signifies -blood, sacrifice.

Gold signifies -cultural richness. 

Green signifies -fertility, growth.

Black signifies -the people.


The Symbol: Sankofa (Akan language of Ghana) is one of many ancient Adinkra symbols conceived in West Africa. It is represented by a bird with its head turned backwards taking an egg off its back or a stylized heart.  It’s meaning is “reach back and get it” 


This stylized Sankofa symbol created by African Nova Scotian artist Wendie L. Wilson incorporates a wave in the bottom centre which has a dual meaning; it represents the ocean and movement and also honours our ancestors journey through the middle passage. On the left is half of a stylized heart (a version of the Sankofa symbol) with a yin and yang like symbol embedded to represent heartbreak balanced with forgiveness. The image is encompassed with an incomplete circle representing those things absent, but yet to come.