Liverpool Regional High School

 LRHS Exam Schedule January 25 - 30, 2024

Thursday, January 25 - 8:45 am - 11:45 am

Math 9 (Murray) - Rm 101

Math 9 (Baldwin) - Rm 211

Math 9 (Martin) - Rm 202

English 10 "A" (Provincial Exam) - Rm 233

English 10 (Provincial Exam) - Rm 141

Francais 11 - Rm 234

Math 11 @ Work - Rm 223

Geology 12 - Rm 231

Math 12 - Rm 208

Sociology 12 - Rm 201

Friday, January 26 - 8:45 am - 11:45 am

English 9 (Murray) - Rm 102

English 9 (Baldwin-Penny) - Rm 101

Math 10 (Curry) - Rm 223

Math 10 (Deighton) - Rm 208

Math 10 @ Work - Rm 233

Math 11 (A Block) - Rm 205

Math 11 (B Block) - Rm 204

Francais 12 - Rm 234

Monday, January 29 - 8:45 am - 11:45 am

 Science 9 (Murray) - Rm 211

Science 9 Immersion - Rm 202

Francais 10 - Rm 234

Phys. Ed. 11 - Rm 112

Chemistry 11 - Rm 208

Canadian Families 12 - Rm 102

Pre-Calculus 12 - Rm 205

Tuesday, January 30 - 8:45 am - 11:45 am

Science 10 - Rm 223

Science 10 Immersion - Rm 202

Oceans 11 - Rm 231

Hist du Canada 11 - Rm 234

Biology 12 - Rm 211

LRHS Exam Rules

1. All exams are to be a maximum 3 hours in length

2. All exams will begin at 8:45 am.  Be in the exam room for 8:35 for attendance.

3. Students must come prepared with all materials necessary to complete the exam (pencils, calculators, pens, rulers, etc.)  There will be NO sharing of materials.

4. Exams can comprise 10% (Grade 9) and 20% (Grade 10-12) of the final mark for the course.

5. All personal belongings (backpacks, bookbags, etc. ) will be placed at the front of the room.

6. All electronic devices (cell phones and apple watches) must be on "silent" mode and placed in a designated area by the teacher.

7. Students must remain in the exam classroom for a minimum of 1 hour (9:45 am). Once the exam is completed and checked over by the student, they may quietly leave the exam room.  It is a good idea as well to bring a book with you to read as you will not be permitted to leave the exam room until a specified time.

8. Once they finish, students must leave the examination areas.

9. Students must return all school owned materials pertaining to the course (textbooks, manipulatives, etc.) by the day of their final exam for the course.

10. There will be no communication of any kind between students during exam periods.  Communication between students during the exam would constitute cheating.

11. Any students caught or proven to be cheating during exams will receive a mark of zero for the exam.  Please note a mark of zero can be given at any time while the student is in the exam room, even after their exam is passed in.

12. There will be no re-writes for exams.

13. If you missed an exam due to an excused absence you must write your exam on the make-up day.

Leaving School Property after exams:  All students that have no scheduled exams in the afternoon may leave school property with prior parental permission.  This permission may be written and signed notes, phone calls or emails to the school.  Students are responsible for their own transportation if they choose to leave early.  those students who remain at school after scheduled exams will go to the Learning Commons (quiet study area), Academic Support or supervised in a teachers classroom if previously arranged by the student with the teacher.

Note:  There is no school for any student on Wednesday, January 31st as it is a Marking Day for all High Schools in Nova Scotia.  Classes will resume on Thursday, February 1st which will be the beginning of Semester 2.

New Recreational Infrastructure and Coastline Protection in Queens County 

The community of Liverpool and surrounding area will soon have a new sports field, Mi'kmaw learning trail and better coastline protection.

"Whether it's recreational facilities or roads, investing in infrastructure in our communities makes the lives of Nova Scotians better," said Public Works Minister Kim Masland. "These investments will ensure the community has access to modern, inclusive, recreational infrastructure and roads that are built to withstand today's climate events."

Minister Masland and Jack Fancy, Deputy Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality, announced a combined provincial, federal and municipal investment of almost $2.75 million to replace the Liverpool community sports field with a new synthetic turf soccer field and to construct a new 400-metre gravel running track.

The project will also include fencing, lighting and a Mi'kmaw learning trail which will provide a new, inclusive outdoor learning space.

The Province and the federal government are also investing about $1 million to support work to protect two segments of Shore Road in Western Head that are facing shoreline erosion and flooding.


"Canada thrives when its communities are healthy and resilient. Investments like the one made today will not only promote active lifestyles for those who call Liverpool home but will also protect Shore Road against the increasing impacts of climate change, strengthening the community for years to come."

  - Sean Fraser, federal Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities

"Council is pleased, through the Region of Queens' Community Investment Fund, to supply the maximum 25 per cent funding, up to $250,000, towards the Liverpool sports field's cost. This recreational infrastructure illustrates the importance of developing healthy minds and bodies through inclusive venues."

  - Darlene Norman, Mayor, Region of Queens Municipality

Quick Facts:

-- the Province of Nova Scotia is investing about $700,000 in the Liverpool community sports field project and about $500,000 to improve Shore Road

-- the Government of Canada is investing nearly $1.8 million to the sports field project, and almost $500,000 to improve Shore Road

-- the Region of Queens Municipality is contributing $250,000 to the Liverpool community sports field project

-- the current sod field has frequent drainage issues

-- work on Shore Road will include reinforcing an existing retaining wall and excavating existing rock and gravel

Additional Resources:

Department of Public Works on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter:



Parents, Guardians & Students,

Welcome back to another school year!  Classes begin on Wednesday, September 6 at 8:35am.  Homeroom class lists have been posted on the front doors.  Students will get their class schedule from their homeroom teacher.  They will also get a “Registration” form and a “Permission to Publish” form.  We ask that you complete these 2 forms and return them to the school by Friday, September 15 so that we can update all student records.  You may also want to consider purchasing the “Gold Plan” Student Insurance.  All students are covered for the basic plan during school hours however the “Gold Plan” extends coverage to outside of school hours.  For more information go to

Whether you are new to LRHS or returning for another year, there are a few things we’d like to share with you.

This year LRHS will be changing to a 4 class per day schedule. Each class will be 75 minutes. (please see the attached schedules for both the Regular Day & the CLT Day).

All schools in Nova Scotia will be following the Provincial Student Attendance and Engagement Policy.  It is very important for students to attend their classes.  Excessive absences can lead to potential Loss of Credit in grades 10 - 12 and in Grade 9 students with poor attendance may be restricted in course selections going into grade 10. (ie. No academic Math 10, mandatory Learning Strategy courses) Please familiarize yourself with this provincial policy. (See attached Attendance Policy)

All schools are now using SchoolCashNet for most fee payments for things like graduation fees, sports fees, and cafeteria lunches (at LRHS we use 5 meal punch cards so students just go to the cafeteria and pick their own menu items).  We ask that you take a moment to sign up for online payments at

If you need to contact a teacher or administrator by email please see the attached list of emails.

All of the above information as well as our other school policies can be found in the Student Handbook on the LRHS school website under the STUDENT Menu:

We look forward to the 2023-24 school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us either by email or by phone at 902-354-7600.

Coming up this month::

Wednesday, September 13 Open House 6pm - 8pm

Tuesday, September 19 School Picture Day

Friday, September 22 In-Service Day (no school for students)

Wednesday, September 27 CLT Day (early dismissal)

NS Student Assistance Information Sessions

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students;

Our video presentation offers an overview of the most frequently asked questions about government student assistance.

YouTube (~22 minutes) How to Get Student Assistance Working For You

If you still have questions, please drop into one of our live, informal Question and Answer sessions (no formal presentation).

This Week: 

New Additional Dates (Next Week)

Video Presentation:  HOW to get Student Assistance Working for You

Runtime  ~22 mins on YouTube:

Topics covered in the video presentation include: 

New Host Families Required for International Students (Arriving September 2023) 

Greetings LRHS Families!

 Just a quick message to let you know that 2023-24 Course Selection is under way at LRHS.  All returning student have received presentations, course booklets and forms to help complete the course selection process.  All completed selection forms must be signed by a parent / guardian and returned no later than Monday, March 6th.

Students Entering Grade 10 Meeting:

There will be a meeting on Monday, February 27th at 6:00pm in the LRHS Cafeteria for students and families entering grade 10 and the NS Credit System.  If you have any questions, or would like the information presented, feel free to attend. This meeting will be open to all parents and students, regardless of next year's grade level.

Also, please keep an eye on the weather forecast for Queens County! If we need to cancel, we will post on our social media accounts.

Thanks, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. (902-354-7600) (

LRHS Administration Team

Exam Schedule - January 2023

Copy of Cell phones2.mp4


Effective January 3rd, 2023, Liverpool Regional High School will be establishing new policies regarding class assignments and cell phone usage.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the new policies prior to returning after the break.  Please view the two short videos above and review the document below.

raise the bar.pdf

We have been advised of a suspected case of head lice in our school. While head lice are a nuisance, they are not a disease and are a common childhood condition. Exclusion from school is not required.

Parent/guardians are asked to watch their child for signs of head lice, which includes an itchy scalp, small white eggs (nits) attached to the hair shaft close to the scalp, commonly found behind the ears and at the nape of neck. If detected, it is important that all household members be checked for the presence of lice and treated if they have it. Anyone with head lice should be treated right away and then retreated in 7 to 10 days.

If you suspect your child may have head lice, please contact a health care provider for treatment if required or 811 for advice. Review the Public Health Pamphlet at:  for more information.

Thank you to everyone for making the band/music/outdoor education Fish Fundraiser a success again this fall!

We heard back from our supplier that the fish will arrive at LRHS for 3pm on Thursday.  When you come in the school parking lot please go left around the bus loop behind the school.  We will be set up out front and have two lane's set up so you don't even need to get out of your car.

Reminder you may want a plastic tote to put your fish in as it has been iced for travel and the bags or boxes may be wet.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 902.523.2539

We look forward to seeing you Thursday and thank you for your support!

LRHS Band/Music/Outdoor Education

Chantel Corkum & David White

Some school absences are unavoidable. We understand that. The important thing is that your child attend class as often as possible 

Absences add up quick. Missing just two days a month is the same as missing 15% of the school year. And missing this valuable in-person instructional time has a direct impact on the overall achievement and well-being of our students.


RootED School Food Program

Cafeteria Prices


Recess Item

Daily Baked Goods: Muffin, Cookie, Black Bean Brownie etc.  $1.50

Nachos & Salsa $3.00

Fruit Cup & Dip $3.00

Yogurt Parfait $3.00

Cheese & Crackers $2.50

Smoothie $2.50

Veggie Sticks & Dip $2.50

Fresh Fruit: Banana, Apple or Orange $1.00


Lunch Special $5.50

Sandwichs (Egg, Chicken, Tuna, and Ham and Cheese) $3.50

Chicken Ceasar Wraps $4.50

Salad Bar $4.00

Hamburgers $4.50


$2.50 Items / $3.00 Items 

Cup of Soup

Cup of Soup with Biscuit or Roll

Grilled Cheese

Small Caesar Salad

Toasted Bagel with Butter or Cream Cheese

1/2 Chicken Caesar or Ranch Wrap

Small Pasta or Grain Salad

Small Garlic Fingers and Donair Sauce

1/2 Egg, Tuna or Ham Sandwich

1/2 Ham and Cheese Sub (3")

Baked Potato with Broccoli and Cheese Sauce



Milk (Not included in meal price)


100% Juice 200ml Boxes


Bubbly - Carbonated Water


Bottled Water


Drinks offered may vary

Grade 12 Information

Scholarship and Bursary Link 2022/2023

Dear school community,

We are still recruiting families to host international students in September.


Your hospitality can make all the difference to a student’s experience and it is our hope that by becoming a host family, it will mark the beginning of a relationship that will last a lifetime!

What’s Required of a Host Family?

Families interested in hosting must provide the student with an approved bedroom, three healthy meals per day, and treat them like a member of their family. All family members 18 and older need to provide a Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check.

Financial Compensation

Host families volunteer to host International Students. Families receive $725 per month (per student) to cover incurred expenses while students are living with them, such as meals, providing transportation for activities, etc. This amount is non-taxable.

Click here to fill out a form to receive more info or contact Steven McGill at or 902-521-8092.


Folks spring is upon us and the LRHS Yearbook is coming together nicely!  Please be sure to purchase your yearbook online at .  Yearbooks can also be purchased on select days in the lobby at LRHS or by seeing Mr. White.  LRHS is pleased to announce with the generous support of sponsors including the Liverpool Lions Club, Liverpool Kinsmen and Liverpool Kiwanis Club in conjunction with the support of LRHS's School Advisory and Student Councils we are able to offer yearbooks to students for $25 a piece again this year--this is actually below the cost of production.  So a huge thank you to these groups for supporting our students!  

Note: If you choose to have your book personalized there is an additional fee of $5

Masking at Schools Extended until at least May 20

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development announced today that the mask requirement in Nova Scotia’s public schools and on school buses will remain in place until at least the May long weekend. During this time, we will also continue wearing masks in our SSRCE offices and worksites.

As a reminder, this means students, staff, outside service providers, volunteers, and visitors must continue to wear a mask during school instructional hours and while on school buses.

This decision will be reassessed closer to May 20 and we will keep you updated.

To read today’s full news release visit:

As well, more information is available on the Back to School Plan website at:

Interested in Hosting an International Student? 

SSRCE needs host families now for September. Your hospitality can make all the difference to a student’s experience and it is our hope that by becoming a host family, it will mark the beginning of a relationship that will last a lifetime!

Hosting isn’t just about giving a student food and shelter. It can be a truly rewarding experience that melds cultural sharing with personal development and great memories, as you learn about your student and integrate them into your daily life.

What’s Required of a Host Family?

Families interested in hosting must provide the student with a private bedroom, three healthy meals per day and treat them like a member of their family. All family members 18 and older need to provide a Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Checks.

Financial Compensation

Host families volunteer to host International Students, but are compensated monthly for expenses incurred while a student lives with them, such as meals, and gas to pick them up from social activities, etc.

Contact to Learn More

Please email or call to learn more about becoming to become a host family. More info is also available online:

Steven McGill


Welcome Back to Liverpool Regional High School!

We are happy to welcome new and returning students and their families to our website. The purpose of our website is to support student learning and make it easier for families to partner with the school as needed.

Our goal is that students receive the best possible education in an environment that is welcoming, fair and supportive, and where everyone has high expectations and works together for the good of all. Our students are the reason why we are here. We are committed to helping our students reach their educational goals and achieve success.

The support of families is crucial to student success. Education is a partnership between the school and home and this partnership is enhanced when parents feel involved and informed about school life.

We hope that the information provided on this website is useful and we welcome any feedback. For students, if there is something you would like to see added to our website, just let your teacher know. For families, we welcome your feedback via email to:

Happy Learning! 

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