Mrs. Skoglund-Cotter


I look forward to a great year of Civics!

We will be using Canvas as our main resources page, so please go there for any resources you may need!

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Civics is the study of the duties, rights and responsibilities of citizenship

We are going to learn about how our government works, how it came to be, important pieces of American history, how we participate in our political process, and so much more!

End of Course Exam

Civics is a subject that has a standardized, state mandated test. This test is cumulative and we will be working all year to learn the information needed for this exam. Our Civics end of course exam, or EOC will be in May 2020. This test is similar to the FSA, but the score is factored into students overall Civics grade.

Civics Videos

5 The Seven Types of Government-wrecking ball.mp4

7 types of Government Video

Too Late to Apologize-A Declaration by Soomo.mp4

Too Late to Apologize-A Declaration

You'll Be Back-King George-Hamilton.mp4

You'll be Back

The American Revolution Facts American Revolutionary War.mp4

The American Revolution

The Constitutional Convention - @MrBettsClass.mp4

Constitutional Convention Summary

The Constitutional Convention A Country Through Compromise.mp4

Constitutional Convention Video Notes

Story of the Bill of Rights-Annenberg Media.webm

Story of the Bill of Rights