class documents

This is where I will post most handouts, notes, and presentation slides you receive in class. I will post it here ONLY If I have a digital copy of the assignment. VOCABULARY PACKETS WILL NEVER BE POSTED HERE.

I can't give you a second copy of anything handed out. PLEASE PRINT FROM THIS PAGE IF YOU LOSE SOMETHING.

Unit 1 Vocab Packet

Unit 1 Vocab Packet.pdf

Super Disasters AND

Perfect Storm


Unit 2 Vocab Packet

Vocab Unit 2.pdf

Compare/Contrast Essay Rubric

Unit 4 Essay 1 Rubric.pdf

Compare/Contrast Essay Checklist

Unit 4 Compare%2FContrast Essay Checklist.pdf

Compare/Contrast Essay Example

Unit 4 Compare_contast Essay Example.pdf

Compare/Contrast Essay Graphic Organizer

Compare-contrast essay organizer.pdf

Compare/contrast Transition Words

Tentative Reading Calendar

The Wild Things by Dave Eggers

Literature Circle Tentative Schedule 2018-2019 1.docx (1).pdf