U.S. History

Mr. Dustin Baker


Welcome to 8th grade at Kanapaha Middle School. It is really exciting to take this journey along with you. I look forward to facilitating your adventure through U.S. History from pre-colonialism through Civil War Reconstruction.

Please, do not hesitate to email (or otherwise) contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. The fastest method will be through email at bakerdr@gm.sbac.edu. All requests for communication and responses will be returned within 24 business hours, that's the goal.

First Quarter

Why study history?

Exploring Social Studies

Exploring the Americas

Colonial America

Life in the American Colonies

Second Quarter

Spririt of Independence

American Revolution

More Perfect Union

The Constitution

Third Quarter

Federalist Era

Jeffersonian Era

Growth and Expansion

Jacksonian Era

Manifest Destiny

Seminoles and Settlers, Struggle for Florida Statehood

Fourth Quarter

North and South

Spirit of Reform

Toward the Civil War

Civil War




Computer Usage Contract

Standards Based Grading

Remind Text

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