U.S. History

Mr. Dustin Baker

Ms. Kelley Ramsey


Welcome to 8th grade at Kanapaha Middle School. It is really exciting to take this journey along with you. I look forward to facilitating your adventure through U.S. History from pre-colonialism through Civil War Reconstruction.

Please, do not hesitate to email (or otherwise) contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. The fastest method will be through email at bakerdr@gm.sbac.edu. All requests for communication and responses will be returned within 24 business hours, that's the goal.



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Supply List

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Ultimately, bring yourself, that's the most important thing.

First Quarter


American Democracy: What is Democracy? What should it be?

Diversity and Discrimination: What does equality mean?

Second Quarter


States' Rights and Federal Power: How should power be distributed among local, state, and federal governments?

Government, Business, and Federal Power: How should power be distributed among local, state and federal governments?

Third Quarter


Foreign Policy: Under circumstances should the United States intervene in world events?

Civil Liberties and Public Safety: Under what conditions, if any, should citizens' freedoms be restricted?

Fourth Quarter

Project Culmination


For specific activities, tasks, resources, please refer to the Canvas course.

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