Academy of Finance

Picture your high school graduation. You are happy... you are confident... and you are prepared. You have the knowledge and the technical skills that will help you succeed in college and in a rewarding career.

This “picture” can be real. The Academy of Finance offers a planned sequence of specialized elective academic and technical courses. You will be involved in activities, which will enhance your education and will provide you with opportunities to develop leadership skills.

You will learn important concepts and acquire valuable skills through studies in...

  • accounting

  • macroeconomics and microeconomics (AP courses)

  • banking and credit

  • intro to informational technology

  • financial planning

  • insurance and real estate investments

  • international trade

  • securities (stocks and bonds)

In addition, your knowledge and skills will be reinforced through participation in such activities as...

  • Bobcat Branch, Florida Credit Union

  • Wedding Budget Project

  • Invest Insurance Simulation

  • Stock Market Simulation

  • Future Business Leaders of America

Click here to apply to the AOF: Magnet Programs Application

The application window will open on Monday, March 8th at noon. The deadline to apply (the window will close) is Monday, April 5th at 4 PM.

The date of notification of acceptance is still to be determined. I will post any updates as they become available.

You're Invited to Buchholz High School's Academy of Finance Open House.

Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 6:30 PM.

If you missed the open house, here is the link to the video of Open House:

Here is the link to the Magnet Page for ACPS

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