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Department of Architecture


  • School: Planning and Design School
  • Group: Engineering/Design
  • Courses: Bachelor of Architecture / Graduate Diploma of Architecture
  • System: Day Division: 4-Year College;Night Division: 4-Year College; 2-year Technical College


  • To improve the student enrollment by adjusting student attendance rates annually.
  • To enhance the expertise and quality of teachers.
  • To strengthen international cooperation.
  • To establish research centers and laboratories in order to increase the quality of research.
  • To improve the qualities of teaching environments and equipments.
  • To train a group of property management experts by Property Management Development Program. It will provide multiple options for students as well.


Apart from the common courses outlined by the Ministry of Education, our professional courses consist of four major fields: Historical Theory and Conservation, Urban Planning and City Rehabilitation, Structural Disaster Prevention, Sustainable Architecture and Eco-city Planning.


There are a total nineteen full-time faculty members in our department, nine with Ph.D. degree and one working on doctoral degree. All the teachers have different specialties and sub-fields that contributes considerably to the stable development of our department. Our department now has four laboratories: “Da-Wenshan Community Planning Service Center”, “The Research Center of Structural Disaster Prevention”, “Sustainable Architectural Research Center”, and “Center for Cultural Sites Rehabilitation and Development”.


Our department aims to teach students with four major fields according to their interests and special needs. The students will be reminded to learn by doing. The student’s independent thinking abilities will be established by assigning research workshops. The research workshops will also encourage teacher’s specialized research field combined with teaching activities.


The future development of our department is to keep on enhancing the consistency of the professional education with extending curriculum from undergraduate college to graduate school. It is also important to place greater emphasis on student’s abilities to integrate building practical operations of architectural design.

The innovation studio teaching was provided in order to respond the needs and trends of the profession. It can promote the integration of various fields of architecture into a new research discipline for students.

The future developments can be summarized as follows:

  • To develop the “Planning Landscape Architecture” and “Building Property Management” courses so as to increase the employability of the students in their future career.
  • To counsel students to obtain professional certification for career planning.
  • To integrate master classes and other undergraduate curriculum of professional courses for efficient learning.
  • To set up research centers for linking together the school and industry.
  • To promote university cooperation program with industry in order to provide students the opportunities of practical training.
  • To develop international academic exchange and cooperation program.