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Jerome Burg


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Twitter: @jburg | #Google Lit Trips

After retiring as a 38-year veteran, Jerome Burg, fighting the good fight on the front lines of a California high school English classroom, Jerome Burg continues his pledge and lifelong devotion to education in creating paridigm shifting resources via the Google Lit Trips project "as a sort of personal paying it forward expression of gratitude to Mr. Kay his high school English teacher who changed the course of his life, and as an expression of gratitude for educators around the world who continue to inspire their own students , as Mr. Kay inspired him."

He is a popular conference and workshop presenter, is both an Apple Distinguished Educator & original Google Certified Teacher, and co-author of Bookmapping: Lit Trips and Beyond, published by the International Society for Technology in Education. He currently serves on the Google Earth Education Expert advisory board.

And, yes he's aware there ought to be an apostrophe in the resource link above but URLs just don't work that way. Harumph!