Ramily Matters

Welcome to all of our Glenwood parents, families, teachers and community members! Here in Glenwood, we are the Rams, and we all know what a major role our school district plays in this great town, so why not use our school district to connect families with each other?! Our student successes and community successes come from the hard work our families do every day. We are a school-based outreach group funded through grant money and donations.

Do you have a child at home--of any age? Then you have probably battled a tantrum or two and sometimes it helps to know you are not the only one. Ramily is for you. Are you new to town and you're looking for a way to help your family make connections? Then Ramily is for you! Do you like to spend time as a family but struggle to carve out that time with your busy schedule? Again, Ramily is for you.

It's all in the name--we are the Rams, but the Glenwood Rams are only as strong as our families. This is our attempt to provide a school-based group to families as a place to come together each month to have a meal together, visit with old friends and make new friends, take home some information that could help with some of those parenting battles we all fight, and build stronger connections between our families, our school district, and our community. We just want to take time to acknowledge that families matter, school matters, and therefore, Ramily Matters.

We hope this page will be a helpful resource to all of you! Thanks to all of our families, district staff and community members who have helped us create this opportunity to build up our community. It has been my absolute pleasure to meet so many families in our first few events and I am looking forward to seeing how Ramily Matters grows to connect more and more people.

Go Rams!!

Sarah Rozniecki, Ramily Co-Founder

Liz Huggins, Ramily Co-Founder