Band and Orchestra info


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BAND instruments are taught by Ms. Schwerin. (eschwerin@glenridge.org)

STRINGS are taught by Mr. Pavliv. (gpavliv@glenridge.org)

Who is in band or string orchestra?

Students in 4th, 5th, or 6th grades may enroll in band or string orchestra. New players will be placed in the beginner groups and others with more playing experience can audition for the advanced groups. In order to participate in the instrumental program, you are required to participate in full group rehearsals, weekly lessons, and concerts.

How do lessons work?

Instrumental students get one lesson per 6 day cycle in school. They are small group lessons on like instruments. These are pull-out lessons on a rotating basis. For example, if your lesson is on day 1, your lesson is always on day 1, but the time of your lesson will rotate from week to week…the first week the lesson will meet during time block 1..the next week it will meet during time block 2. This means the student will not miss the same subject each time they are at a lesson. Students are responsible for work missed in their class. Students will be excused from instrumental lessons for tests. Students will be required to log their weekly practice time as directed by the teacher. Students should attend make-ups if they must miss a lesson.

When do the full groups meet?

Lessons start in September for everyone. Full group rehearsals start in January for beginners. (These rehearsals are in addition to lessons.) Beginner band meets on Fridays before school at 7:45 AM. Beginner Orchestra will meet (TO be determined) Full group rehearsals start in September for advanced students. As students get older, the advanced band meets before school on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:45. Advanced orchestra will meet (to be determined). Students are allowed to miss six early morning rehearsals for each concert or they do not perform. All students may do chorus as well, we will work out any conflicts with morning rehearsals with Mrs. Taraboccia.

How do I obtain an instrument?

If you do not own an instrument, we use Music and Arts Center in Paramus. Other locations in Millburn, Wayne, and Ramsey. Go online at musicarts.com to put in your rental information. You are free to rent from wherever, but Music and Arts visits the school weekly for repair pick-ups and such.

If you already own an instrument, please make sure it is in good working condition by September. Rental instruments will be delivered to the school in September or in July if you are doing the summer program.

-I DO NOT recommend instruments from amazon that are around $100 or less by Glory, Mendini, Cecilio brand, novelty colors etc. Please check with me first if you are buying something right away.

Does my child get a grade in instrumental music?

Students get a report card grade for band or orchestra each marking period. Grades will be based on signed practice sheets, participation, and any written or playing assessments.

Can I start over the summer?

District e-mails went out regarding the Glen Ridge summer arts program. Check it out at


If you are renting, you will need to let Music and Arts know you need the instrument for the summer program.

Questions?? Feel free to e-mail me.

Thank you,

Ms. Schwerin


Other important info:

For string instruments, you must be sized for your string instrument. You can go online for measuring guide or the store can measure you.

Please make sure you add on the correct required book and optional accessories for your instrument to your rental order.


Book: Essential Elements for Concert Band Book 1 for your instrument (Combined perc for percussion)

Clarinet/Sax/Oboe will need extra reeds.

Percussionists will need a stick bag.

Music stand and cleaning kits good but optional

String Stuff

Book: Essential Elements for Strings Book 1 for your instrument (latest version) (Essential Elements 2000 is compatible)

Violins/Violas need a shoulder rest, same size as instrument

Music stands recommended but optional.