Mrs. Chamberlain

Mathematics Teacher

Use the links above to access class information!

Back to School night information can be found on this page below!

Google Classroom Codes for SY 2021-2022:

Period 1 - Algebra II: hxvfysu

Period 2 - Precalculus: 45o5p2c

Period 4 - Calculus: ooy7keq

Period 6 - Precalculus: mqbij3s

Period 7 - Calculus: ppezixb

Back to School Night

Happy Back to School Night! For information about each of my courses please see the screencasts embedded below. If you have any additional questions, feel free to stop in to the open house (link below) and check in. There will not be a presentation at any set time (for that see the screencasts below) but I will be available answer any questions you may have as you join the meet. I'm looking forward to working with you this year! Thank you!

September 9th, 7-9pm, Open House link:

Algebra II Screencast:

Back to School Night - Algebra II .webm

Precalculus Screencast:

Back to School Night - Precalculus.webm

Calculus Screencast:

Back to School Night - Calculus.webm