Vickie Wolfe's Classroom


Born in Hawaii, I have lived in Idaho since 1981, married happily for 37 years to Billy. We had Christina, Jerrica and Juston, and now have 6 beautiful grandchildren! I have taught school for 22 years, 19 in the Glenns Ferry School District. When I elected to get my Master's degree, I decided to work in Business Education, and have used this extensively in both my personal and professional life.

I enjoy sports of all kinds, and we regularly follow the Boise State Bronco Football team, and have had season tickets there for years.

I do a lot of photography as one of my favorite pass times. My room is my gallery, and the walls are covered in shots from the past of students, sports and scenery of the many amazing places we have traveled.

I have a passion for Business Professionals of America. This is the club that I supervise, and we compete in business office events. My kids have been exceptionally successful these last 4 years. We have sent students to Nationals for 4 years, and have crowned two of our students as a state champion the last two years. These 2 students walked the stage to earn Top 10 National medals in 2019. In the 2020 state competition, we had students place in the top 10 in the state in 7 out of 9 competitions. We would have sent 4 events to Nationals, had Covid not shut everything down. I am proud of all of these students, and hope to encourage any and all to come try their luck with us in 2020-21. You can never achieve success without trial and error, and you will never know unless you try. Our group is very diverse, but very welcoming.