Welcome to the GOAL program!

GOAL is a K-12, fully online independent study program that is an alternative to traditional classroom instruction. This program provides flexible scheduling to meet the needs of students who require more accessibility to coursework and is meant to respond to the student's specific educational needs, interests, aptitudes, and abilities with the confines of school board policy. GOAL is designed to allow students to work on the go or in the comfort of their own home and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is ideal for students who wish to have a different approach to the traditional classroom setting or for those individuals who have adapted well to the distance learning model and wish to continue in an independent study option. Students will remain enrolled at their school of residence, and therefore, are able to fully participate in extracurricular activities being offered at their home school.

As a recognized alternative to the traditional classroom setting, this option is substantially equivalent, if not more rigorous, in quality and quantity to that of a traditional classroom setting. Students are expected to complete their school work daily. On average, students in Kindergarten will spend approximately 3 hours; grades 1-3 approximately 3.5 hours; and grades 4-12 approximately 4 hours on school work, if not more.

Participation in GOAL is completely voluntary - a choice made by the student, parent/guardian/caregiver, and teacher. It is a contract-based program that defines the term of placement, the course of study to be followed, and expectations for both the student and parent/guardian/caregiver. Contracts will be written annually and must be re-written at the start of each school year, or at any time a student is enrolling or re-enrolling in the program. If a student is accepted into the GOAL program, they are required to follow all components of the Master Agreement.

GOAL program offerings:

  • Tuition-free education

  • Flexible scheduling and in-home schooling

  • Classes provided through online curriculum platform - Edgenuity for Secondary; GUSD Curriculum for Elementary

  • A-G for UC/CSU requirements, promotion, and graduation needs

  • Follows GUSD school calendar schedule

  • Participation in on-campus extra-curricular activities

  • District-issued device

  • Support from a GUSD credentialed teacher

If you are interested in the GOAL program, see Enrollment Process tab for next steps.