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The Spartan Tech Team is a student technology team at Central School. Our mission is to help students and teachers with technology. We also manage a student-run Genius Bar in the CLC Spartan Tech Lab during lunch hours on Wednesdays. Come visit us in the CLC!

What's New?

Podcast Episode 3: Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation is coming back! In this episode, Mr. Pituc and Gray discuss stop motion ideas and how to get started!

Podcast Ep. 3 - Stop Motion Animation.mp4

Podcast Episode 2: 3D Printing

In this episode, Mr. Pituc and Alex talk about 3D Printing and some of the programs and places you can design your 3D printing models.

Resources Mentioned

Tinkercad -

Thingiverse -

Podcast Episode 2 - 3D

How to Back Up Your iPad to iCloud

Want to know how to make sure your iPad apps and pictures are backed up? The Spartan Tech Team has created a new how-to video on backing up your iPad to iCloud.

Visit the How-to Guides section of the website for more information!