The makers of Screenagers have compiled a number of resources to help support families in finding balance in their tech filled worlds.

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Growing Up in the Digital Age

Offered as a collaborative effort of the New Trier Township Schools

Family Engagement Night - Supporting Materials

"Family Engagement Night"

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Sample Device Use Contracts

Sherry Turkle is the director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self and the author of Reclaiming the Conversation, The Power of Talk in a Digital Age and Alone Together. The websites dedicated to her books include NPR interviews, articles, and TED Talks on her research.

Additional Readings:

Create a Personalized Family Media Use Plan for your family. This plan will help you keep on track and build awareness of when you are using media to achieve your goals and enhance your life.

Family Online Safety Institute's Good Digital Parenting provides tips, tools and rules to confidently navigate the online world with your kids.

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Common Sense helps parents lay the groundwork for responsible cell phone use and manage the challenges and opportunities they bring.

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