General Information

LIBRARY HOURS: 7:00 - 3:00 Monday - Friday, except on JCT Wednesdays, when we close at 1:30.


  1. You MUST have your ID to check out books. A picture of it on your phone works, too.

  2. You may check out up to 5 books for up to 14 school days.

  3. You may NOT check out books if:

  • you owe 50¢ or more in fines/fees

  • you have an overdue book

PRINTING is available as follows:

  • Black & White: 10¢ per page and may be sent from the computers in the library only

  • Color Printing: 50¢ per page and must be sent by/shared with a Library staff member (currently unavailable...sorry)

The Library Catalog is searchable from anywhere by anyone by clicking the JAGUAR icon. However, to find out if books are currently available, make a list of books for whatever reason, and be connected to the Homepage which has lots of other information, LOGIN TO THE CATALOG IN THE UPPER RIGHT using the same login info as always.