Fight Song/Alma Mater

Campo Verde High School Fight Song

Coyote Pride

Fight with Coyote Pride! Go for the win!

Campo Verde’s out for a victory.

We’ll win the game tonight and that’s no lie;

Playing with honor, pride and all our might.

Hey, Stand up! Let’s hear you howl!

We’re on the prowl!

Green and Copper triumph today

With spirit and pride; true integrity inside.

Campo Verde’s going all the way


Fight Song.wav

Campo Verde High School Alma Mater

By the green fields where the Coyotes roam,

Stuands Campo Verde High, our second home.

Upholding our values, shining bright,

Commitment and honor will be our light.

Scholarship and success, our lofty goals,

Our Campo Colors, forever part of our souls.

Green and copper, the pack stands by and by,

Hail thee Alma Mater, Campo Verde High