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1.  If you weren’t in attendance for your Registration visit during your English class, view the “Directions for Course Requests” powerpoint and step-by-step video on how to select and input your course requests in the Academic Planner.

2. Talk to your teachers, parents, and counselor for input to complete the registration worksheet and enter your course selections into the Infinite Campus Academic Planner.

3. Bring back your signed registration worksheet and accompanying documents on your registration day and meet with your counselor to confirm your requests. 

GHS 2024-2025 Registration Directions

Step-by-step Walkthrough of Entering Courses in the Infinite Campus Academic Planner

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**Only choose the courses that are on your GRADE LEVEL course offerings list.**

Rising Juniors Class of 2026

EVIT Registration information available below.  

International Baccalaureate: 
Website | Application

*IB Full Diploma Program or Career Program Applications are due by March 1

Rising Seniors Class of 2025

Additional Resources & Forms

Course Descriptions

The Course Description Book includes the descriptions for every course offered by Gilbert Public Schools.  

Gilbert High School Offerings Search 


Junior and/or Senior Year only

EVIT has recently moved to an online only registration model. 

Complete and submit application online. Parents and/or legal guardians of new students will need an active email account (that is checked regularly) to access and use the online registration system. This email account will be used for important communication updates from the East Valley Institute of Technology.

When applying online, the following required documents will need to be uploaded to complete the application process:

• Transcript (can be accessed through Infinite Campus)

• Discipline (from Records/Counseling office)

• Proof of Immunizations (from Nurse’s office)

GHS Elective Programs of Study 

Below you fill find the course sequences for the CTE and Fine Arts programs to better plan your four years at GHS. 

Elective Programs of Study
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