February 11th Update 2:

Letters have been issued to students. This letter is linked above as well. To help players and parents understand our transition back to the ice, I will be updating this site with more information and videos over the next 5-6 days that will help everyone understands the policies and expectations that will be in place. Stay tuned!

February 11th Update:

Maybe you've heard? Yep...it's true. Hockey at Crowther is BACK! Starting Monday, February 22nd (first day back after the week off) we will begin with our on-ice hockey academy programming. A letter will go home with students today. Please go through it thoroughly. I will be posting the letter and other additional information to this site over the next few days. Please keep checking in until the first ice time. Additionally, I will be using Google Classroom as my primary means of communication with students and parents. Please keep up to date with that as well. This is super exciting news for everyone and I am really looking forward to hitting the ice with the kids.

September 29th Update:

We are still unable to use the arena. There are three hurdles we need to clear before this can happen. One is to obtain permission from our School Division. This is obtained through a Return to Play Plan. I'm am working on this already and don't see this as being a problem. The second hurdle is that we need to be able to use the shower facilities at the arena. Showers aren't supposed to be opened up until phase 3 of the governments relaunch plan. The final hurdle will be the collection of fees. Nothing is due now. However, once we're able to clear the first two hurdles, mentioned above, we'll need to collect everyone's fees before we can return to the ice.

I'll post more once I know more. Thanks.

June 30 Update:

Unfortunately, I have no new information to offer. As I receive new information I will do my best to update this web page. We all know that September at CMJHS will look a little different than previous years. The arena will likely see similar changes.

Our hockey academy is still planning to start on-ice sessions during the second week of school. The first week, academy students will join me in my classroom (room 147) during their schedule ice-time periods. I will use this time to go over expectations, procedures, and other important information.

There WILL be a grade 7 group, a grade 8 group and a grade 9 group. No combined classes next year. I will be the instructor for all groups.

For all the students that are new to the academy (and a refresher to those returning) I recommend that students and parents check out the program handbook. It will be updated this summer but the vast majority of the information will remain the same. The handbook has detailed information about things like program structure, evaluation, equipment storage, and more.

I look forward to seeing all of you in September. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime at brad.huntley@ghsd75.ca. I will be checking my email fairly regularly throughout the summer to help out where I can.

Thanks everyone, Brad Huntley.