Welcome to our Art Club website!

Hello, I'm Mrs. Wilke and I am Art Club director, 5th Grade teacher and 7/8th Grade Art Teacher.

5th-8th Grade Art Club is from 2:30 to 3:45 in the Art Room on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The primary goal of Art Club is to give those students with an interest in the visual arts the opportunity for more exposure to learning art techniques such as drawing, painting, digital art, and studying famous artists and their work. Student artwork will be displayed as part of the Germantown Hills Fine Arts Exhibition!

Club will meet in the middle school art room. All students must follow the social distancing guidelines, including wearing a mask. You will need to provide transport for your child to and from school for this activity.

Students should bring a pencil, eraser, colored pencils, markers, and ultra-fine Sharpie. Also bring a large t-shirt for more 'messy' projects.

Please take some time to view the students' work from last year in the gallery.

If you have any questions about Art Club please contact me