Before you begin:

SMS Activity Fee ($65 cash or CK - made out to SMS) and deliver to the SMS OFFICE, Mr. Brown or Mr. Mihm

Race Fee ($70 cash for all races) give to Mr. Brown or Mr. Mihm

  • EARLY BIRD GEAR SWAP at Breck. Nordic Center. November 10, 2022. Arrive between 3:30 and 5:30

  • Schedule a physical with your doctor

  • Collect all the needed gear

    • Feel free to Buy and/or Sell Gear using the "SMS Gear Buy/Sell Page"

    • Check the 'Choosing the Right Gear" link if you have questions about gear.

GOALS for the SMS Nordic Team

  1. Create an Addiction to a Lifetime Sport (Nordic Skiing)

  2. Reach the Start Line

  3. Skate and Classic Techniques

  4. Basic Waxing Techniques

  5. Snow Science 101


Here we go TEAM! The coaching staff has formalized the following practice schedule to begin the season. All future January and February practices at Frisco Nordic Center will follow the 12/13 and 12/14 time and Tuesday/Wednesday format to ensure busing from SMS to Frisco Nordic Center. PARENTS MUST PICK UP SKIERS AT THE NORDIC CENTER AT 4:00 BEGINNING 12/13 AND 12/14. See you all on 12/1.


  • Races TBD

    • 3 Kilometer Events. 10-15 minutes of racing

  • Friday night waxing opportunity (parent volunteers needed)

  • Early Saturday morning bus departures

  • Parents MUST register students using the Race Registration form on the Monday prior to the race weekend.

  • MUST have completed race waiver (if applicable)

  • Race fees will be paid in advance for the season - $TBA for all 5 races.

  • Bring pre race food and post race snacks

  • Bring dry post-race clothing

Breckenridge Nordic Center Gear Swap is a great place to get new/used gear.