Story of the Week

Freshmen Fears

By Nikole Denley

Freshmen could be considered scaredy cats. Timberline interviewed a few of them and discovered a few tidbits.

Masen Arm said he is afraid of “getting embarrassed in public places.” Allison Locke said she was afraid of “talking to people I look up to.”

While Markus Musalek jokingly said, “My worst fear is waking up every morning knowing I have to sit next to Allison (Locke).”

One of Justice Davis’ fears is “being around horses - because they can produce a lot of brute force.”

Lastly, Torie Davidsons’s fear is “she is scared of the dark because she is afraid of what is in the dark, such as Ghosts and paranormal activity.”

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'HERO'es Among Us

Program helps students with college preparedness

By Kylea Tucker

Do you want to expand your education? Some people may think that freshmen year is too soon to start thinking about college, but it’s really not. The sooner students start thinking about college the better their understanding of it will be by the time they get to college.

A program can help with this process. It’s called Higher Education Readiness Opportunities (HERO). HERO meets in Integrated 9 science teacher Adam Logan’s room, 409, during lunch. Students do not have to be a HERO member to attend the meetings; if students don’t make it to one meeting, they can come to the next one.

This program is for students who want to go to college, but don’t know how to take the next step. HERO director Paul Kelly works with sophomores with the program. Kelly said HERO has three goals: to ensure students possess good academic behaviors that lead to strong performance in school, to support the development of academic mindsets to help instill the belief that college is possible, and to equip the students with the skills and knowledge to become college ready.

The HERO program is run by a non-profit organization called College Success Foundation. There are schools in Seattle, Yakima, Tacoma, and Spokane. There is even a HERO program in Washington, D.C.

Along with HERO, PAHS juniors and seniors have the opportunity to join the Achievers Scholars Program, run by Rosalynn Rees. Rees is the head of the program, working alongside Kelly.

“Since it’s the first year for the HERO program here at PA, I’ve only recruited just freshmen this year,” Kelly said. Kelly said HERO is recommended the most for freshman. “They earn the lowest grades, miss the most classes, and get the most referrals,” she said.

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