Each athlete needs the following to be medically cleared for sports:

  • Current physical - each athlete needs a physical that is dated within 1 year of the start of the season. Athletes only need ONE PHYSICAL IN A CALENDAR YEAR
    • FALL Sport start date August 13, 2018
      • Physical dated July 2, 2017 - need updated physical to play
      • Physical dated Aug. 3, 2017 - Physical still good to play THIS SEASON ONLY (will need updated physical for Winter season)

  • Medical Update Form - May be submitted starting July 14th. DUE BY AUGUST 9TH!! If the athlete's physical is over 30 days old from the start date of the sport season, a parent or guardian MUST fill out a medical update form
    • Sport start date August 13, 2018
      • Physical dated before July 1, 2017 - need Med Update
      • Physical dated July 14, 2018 (and later) - No Med Update needed
    • Medical Update forms can only be filled out within 30 days of the start of the season and are needed for EACH sport played (unless physical is within 30 days of start date). These are MANDATORY to be cleared to play!

Please click link below to fill out Medical Update and parent contact forms for every sport season

Sport Medical Update Form - To be filled out between July 14 - DUE BY AUGUST 9TH!!

Parent Contact Information Form

Don't know when your last physical was?

Not a problem!!

Email me at twebster@gfsd.org and put 'physical' in the subject line. I will send you an email back letting you know EXACTLY what you need to be cleared for sports!

Parents, if you have ANY questions (even about physicals) please feel free to get in touch with me! If it in regards to sport clearances, email is best!

Tracy Webster, RN 518-793-3418 x4440

Get updates and reminders for in-school physicals and medical update due dates at: GFSD_sportRN