Mr. Hoyne


Senior Portraits are due by 3:00 PM, Wednesday, September 19th


    • The image must be shot in high resolution
    • The image must be at least 300 ppi
    • The image must be saved as lastname-firstname.jpg
    • The image must be e-mailed to Mr. Hoyne in the following format; type the student’s name in the subject line in lastname-firstname format, along with the words “senior portrait”. (Doe-John Senior Portrait, for example)
    • You must attach a copyright release that contains the name of the business that took the picture.

For your yearbook portrait choice you may be creative, keeping in mind the following guidelines

  • The portrait must be of you (I know, but you’d be surprised)
  • The portrait must meet the following guidelines, which generally incorporates the school dress code
  • Men must wear at least a buttoned-up, collared shirt (preferably a jacket and tie), slacks, footwear, with no tank tops or exposed underclothing.
  • Women must wear at least an appropriate blouse or dress, buttoned-up collared shirt or something similar, footwear, slacks, skirts (of appropriate length), no bare midriffs, no spaghetti straps, no halter tops, no exposed underclothing
  • No clothing which includes profanity, offensive messages, promotion of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Certain insignias designated or inferred as inappropriate or obscene or in bad taste will not be permitted. This includes prohibition on gang symbols, signs, colors, or other related apparel.
  • Attire shall not be excessively baggy.
  • No props including, but not limited to, hats or headgear, sunglasses, pets, heavy ornamental chains or dog collars
  • No visible tattoos
  • Portraits may be taken indoors or outdoors
  • Mr. Hoyne and the High School administrators will make the final decision on portrait choice – if you are mentally asking yourself “is this appropriate?” The answer is probably no!

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